JBJB or Fantasmic

It is my understanding that you will only be able to do one of these as the start times are so close together. We are only doing one day in HS and I’m trying to figure out which one we should do. What do you think would be more enjoyable for DS4?

We will be doing the MVMCP so we will be getting plenty of Xmas in our trip. I have not been to Disney before (and I live in Florida, oh the horror) and we probably won’t be going back anytime soon if that would make any difference in your recommendation.

Well, with a 4 year old, here’s something to consider:
If you’re going to have a meal at HS that Day, you might want to consider doing a Fantasmic VIP package which will possibly make your life easier, especially with a kid in tow. They also might offer a dessert party for the JBJB, but I don’t think there is any seating for the dessert party. I’ve heard that Fantasmic is awesome (and there’s seating,) but you may have to wait for a while for a seat if you don’t do the VIP pkg. Multiple ppl have told me that the Fantasmic VIP pkg is easily worth it - saves a decent amount of time, and you get priority seating.

It’s hard to say without seeing JBJB. I’m sure it will be an absolute show stopper. That being said, I personally make it a point to see Fantasmic anytime we’re there. It’s my favorite show at a Disney park… granted, I grew up at Disneyland and one of my first trips was the year it premiered so I probably have some bias but everyone I know loves it. You really just have to decide what appeals to you more. Fantasmic is more of a live stage show… Mickey is featured a lot along with other walk around characters but it also has water screens with projections, great music, some water fountain features, stunts, pyro, fire, and Maleficent (in both dragon and regular forms)… not to mention an awesome finale. JBJB will be obviously mostly pyro and projections with snow added in. I would personally recommend Fantasmic since you’re doing MVMCP and you’ll probably be seeing Holiday Wishes.

On the whole I am not a huge F! fan (I’ve seen DL’s and am now spoiled); I’ll see it once every 4 or 5 times I go. But it’s a WDW “classic” and I think everyone needs to see it at least once. I’m sure that JBJB will be a good show, but it will be be about half the length of F! (if that), it’s standing only, and you’ll have to find a decent place to watch well in advance.

If you knew you were going to be back in a year or two, I’d say go with the special engagement show, but if this is a one-off - or at least the only one for a long time, I recommend F! I also HIGHLY recommend a F! Dining Package (it’s the only way I’ll see F! anymore).

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That’s a tough one but we personally are opting to see JBJB.

This really is a tough decision, given that we really don’t know how Jingle bell, Jingle BAM is going to be, though I’m sure it will be wonderful. I agree with @bswan26, if you’ve never seen F! before it really is a must-do attraction. Advantages are that it has seating, and I also would recommend the Fantasmic! Dining Package, and if your DS is into characters, the one at Hollywood and Vine might be a good option, as they have Disney Junior Characters at lunch and the fab 5 at dinner (Mickey, Minny, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto, I believe). It is a little on the expensive side, but I agree it is worth the expense for the view at F! and the time you save by knowing you have a reserved seat - also, if you’re doing the Disney Dining Plan, you can use a table-service credit for it, which make it more affordable.

I will admit, on my next trip, I’m going to be skipping F! in favor of the Star Wars dessert party, but then I’m a huge Star Wars fan. I’ve also seen the DL version of F!, and was disappointed in the WDW version after seeing the DL show. That being said, I loved the WDW version the first 2 times I saw it, which was prior to experiencing the DL version.

Good luck making your decision - I know the pain of not having enough nights at WDW to experience each of the night-time spectaculars/fireworks.

I[quote=“rachnole20, post:1, topic:28845”]
We are only doing one day in HS and I’m trying to figure out which one we should do. What do you think would be more enjoyable for DS4

We are struggling with the same dilemna, I planned my whole HS day around F! and when it came out got a JBJB as well, though hate to spend $250 more for a party of 4 in the whole week. Tips I got when asking:

  1. F! con: is a good/evil dream/nightmare sequence, may be scary to some kids
  2. F! pro: a place to sit down, ample seating with view, especially with VIP dining package
  3. JBJB no sit down, kids amped up on sugar and then “stand” around for a show
  4. People love the SW spectacular and say its amazing, JBJB modeled after this
  5. modern projection shows are coming to MKP , see “Once upon a time” replacing celebrate the magic, perhaps minus lasers?! not sure, but either way, close enough for me

Pros and Cons for both. My DS6 I think would be more into F! and it is less costly so frugal DH will like; also already planned the F! expertly so I plan to choose that. May be different for your family. Either way I’m sure it will be magical :slight_smile:

Obviously no one has seen JBJB so there is no way to say what one is “better”. I went to Disney two years ago for the first time since I was a little kid. So everything was like a first in my eyes. Fantasmic was by far my favorite night time show out of all of the parks. I think it is a must see! I also think that because you are going to the MVMCP you wont miss the Christmas show there. Good luck on your decision!

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