JBJB Desert Party open for booking

Apologies if there is already a thread for this, but couldn’t find it.

The Desert Party is open for booking in November & December.

A quick check of dates reveals that:

Up until Dec 14th, JBJB will be shown half an hour before Fantasmic. No Star Wars show.

From Dec 15th, JBJB shown at around 6:30, followed by Fantasmic, with Star Wars showing at 9pm / 10pm, depending on closing time (later closing nearer Christmas).

Dec 16th - still nothing showing about the “special event” anticipated (due to early closing of DHS).

Looks like the Desert Party is outdoors this year, not inside Launch Bay unless weather is bad.

Usual price increase for week before and after Christmas!

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Great, thanks. Just booked it.

Unlike other dessert parties, say in MK, do the crowds for HS fireworks in mid-December justify the extra cost for this event? Assuming I’m not into desserts that much, just using it to get better view of fireworks? I don’t have much experience with these newer shows at HS.

Planning on being in HS on 12/21 and have a F! Dining reservation and just booked the JBJJ dessert party but it shows F! at 7 so wondering if it is at all possible to do both?? Thanks!

I think last year JBJB was only 15 minutes which might give people time to run back to Fantasmic in time. Bear in mind though that even with the F! vouchers you are advised to arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the show starts.

However I’m sure I’ve read somewhere it’s been beefed up, which would leave it around 25 minutes. If that is the case, I don’t think you’ll have time to do both in one night.

Personally I wouldn’t risk it. You’re paying a premium for your F! dinner. I would decide which is more important to you and rearrange if possible.