January or February 2021?

I have a free companion pass from 1/6-2/28 so planning on another trip to WDW. What week would you choose for low crowds? I’ve been during MLK and will avoid that Fri-Sun for sure. I’m thinking weather will be warmer late February but crowds might be larger. Thanks for any input on those dates! :blush:

Week of the 21st of February looks good since all the various holidays are the week before. Definitely a better chance of warmer day (80’s) than late January.

In normal times you could get a good handle on crowds by comparing previous years, but this is just something that is tricky to figure yet. But normally late February is a lower crowd time.

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Stay away from the days leading up to and the days after Feb 16th! Many, many people around here go to WDW for Mardi Gras and its just been getting worse each year. Also, our Mardi Gras was canceled. I have a feeling this will be a big travel year for families (this will depend greatly if schools still do the whole week off but, if the trip is already planned, parents will still go and just pull kids from school).

We have been there the last week of February the last couple years and it was crazy-busy. Granted, COVID makes things a little unpredictable, but I think spring break weeks are spreading out nationally and “spring break” exists fro mid-February through mid-April these days. Weather has been amazing, though.

We were there last week of January 2020 and I don’t remember the crowd level but I do remember the cold snap and needing to buy mittens & hats; got down into the 30s and windy. Canada-EC has the best mittens BTW… not fake FL ones. The weather wasn’t the norm.

Curious, did you go near a holiday?

Every year is different depending on when the holidays fall.

• In 2017, President’s day week was directly followed by Mardi Gras week in late Feb.
• In 2018, the week of February 25 was the lowest crowd level in all of January and February. (4’s & 5’s average)
• Week of February 24, 2019 the crowds were a tad higher. (5’s & 6’s average)
• This year 2020, the last week happened to be Mardi Gras/Ash Wednesday week.
• In 2021, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Mardi Gras, & Ash Wednesday are February 14-17. This clears the way for the following week.

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Wow, that sounds like the proverbially perfect storm right there. Afterwards sound much better!

A couple years ago we went in early February (we were at AK for Super Bowl Sunday) and it was great! Low crowds, good weather - highly recommend!!

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2/23-2/29 of 2020. It was Mardi Gras/Ash Wednesday week. Pretty much CL 8-10s all week with a little rain on Wednesday keeping the numbers down.

2/24 -3/1 of 2019. The CLs were lower but the “feel” throughout the park wasn’t any different that Mid-March trips or our 2020 trip.

Not to say it isn’t a lovely time to go. But our expectations were for crowds to feel smaller vs. trips during traditional Spring Break weeks and it wasn’t the case. Our takeaway was to never expect crowds to feel lighter but rather take it as a happy coincidence if it happens.