January Dining Reservations

So, my 180 days is Sunday and I was just getting used to the website tonight and my calendar won’t go past December 31st, 2018. My trip starts January 4th, 2019. Anyone else able to get to January. Would rather not have to call Disney for Dining reservations.

If you go into MDE and under My plans, you will be able to see the calendar for your trip.

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I can see up to 3rd Jan, can’t book it yet obviously as it hasn’t opened yet.

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Something a bit similar this happened to me, too–the online reservation system wasn’t recognizing my resort booking to let me book more than 180 days out.

I don’t know if calling ahead of time to make sure everything was good to go would have helped, but it might be worth a try. I called as soon as the phone lines opened and was able to get pretty much everything I wanted, but it was a hassle since I’m on the west coast and it was very early in my time zone.

The 4th came up for me today.

So, how did ADR day go?

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Thanks everyone. Yes, once I knew to go through the itenerary page my full reservation came up and was able to do ten days of ADRs at 4am this morning. Got everything except lunch at 50s prime time. Did dinner instead. I’m most happy about Ohanas at firework time, California Grill at fiework time, Hoop de Doo review, and Bon voyage breakfast. Did Ohanas 9 years ago. Never done anything else we have reserved.