January 26 meet-up

Anyone interested in a January 26 meet up at Epcot?

I’m thinking around 4 pm at Deconstructed Dish for a picture with @pod4christ if he’s available. And then we can do something. Grab a drink, go on a ride, I dunno - I’ve never made it to a liner meet before.

My schedule is fairly flexible - our plane is supposed to arrive at 11 (staying at BWV, so easy access to Epcot), and DH and I have dinner at the Flying Fish at 6:50 (willing to push back a bit if necessary). Was hoping to catch the Broadway show at 5:30, but I’m open to whatever!

Suggestions? Please tag others. Open to all of course! I am also posting on the January liners facebook group.

@bwalker75 @JoyfulNerd @burfe1501 @hookedsince72 @leonardotmnt

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We are at BWV too. We start our day at MK but plan to hop to EP around lunch time and hope to get wristbands for one of the evening shows. Will be making further plans once we know which show we can get into. I’ll keep watching this post. Fun!

We’re going to be MK, but could hop over to EP for a meet up! @hookedsince72 - what are the wristbands? I don’t know if I’ve heard about them. Are they for the Broadway shows?

The wristbands are an annual
Pass holder perk. Pick up at the American adventure pavilion. They start handing them out at noon for the broadway shows that evening. While supplies last each day. I learned it on Lines!

I see…Not a PH so I must have gone right past any posts about that. Thanks for clearing that up for me! :slight_smile:

I hope to see y’all there! I guess we’ll go ahead with this time, since I didn’t hear any different suggestions.

@hookedsince72 - I’m hoping to get AP wristbands too. We will need the 5:45 show - but I’m worried they will be out before we can make it to the park! If not, I’m hoping the crowds are low enough that we can get an ok seat without waiting too long.