January 26, 2020

January 26, 2020 seems to be an anomaly, it is only predicted as a 1, while the surrounding days are higher. Anyone know the reason for this?

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I have noticed this as well, as it falls in the dates for our planned trip… Would love to do HS that day if it truly is supposed to be a 1…

yes, we’ll be there too, just seems odd that Saturday is predicted 8 and Sunday is 1! I hope the 1 is correct!

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waves to my Disney week buddies

I assumed that was a mistake, but I don’t know how that all works.

I would pay not attention whatsoever to CLs this far out. In July things might be more realistic.


That number will change. In my experience, it’ll be updated at about six months out and then again about 60 - 30 days out. I’ve booked 180+ days out based on CL 1 or 2 days to see them jump as high as CL 5 a few weeks before. I have been to WDW on a 2 before and it is awesome! <fingers crossed for you!>

It won’t be a 1. It’s likely a problem with TP’s software. The same Sunday in January 2019 was a 1 because of significant downpours all day. I know I was there. TP’s software likely just rolled it forward to 2020 without being aware. Kind of worrisome that nobody at TP is catching this.

UT puts that date at a CL 6.

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Yes, 6-7 seems more accurate given crowds at the same time last year.

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Thank you for the insight! I was wondering why historical crowds for that date were a 1. That makes sense! I’ll be moving my HS day…

well, that makes sense; but I agree, seems like that should have been caught before it was released on the website!