January 2023 trip planning questions

We are planning a UOR/WDW trip for January 2023. We will be flying in on 1/23 and staying at the HRH from 1/23 to 1/26 we have a 4 day 2 park ticket and early admission from TP. We primarily are looking to do the things it was too hot/ we were worn out to do on our June 2021 trip. On 1/27 we will move to AKL.

Biggest questions are about a couple of dining reservations. We will likely be eating QS most of the time but 2 places we didn’t eat at last time seem like possibilities.

Cowfish and Mythos.

How badly will we need to make advanced reservations in January? We are game for lunch or dinner and I’m not sure I want to make a reservation if I don’t need to. We may also eat at the hotel but I’m not concerned with availability there based on our last trip.


You should be able to get a reservation shortly beforehand. Toothsome was the only one that needed to be made more than a week ahead.

Mythos is a nice late lunchtime break. When the crowds are at their worst is a good time for a leisurely in-park lunch. The tomato soup and sandwich is amazing.


Thanks. That’s what I was hoping for. :blush::grin:

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Agreed! I just check Cowfish for this weekend and plenty of times are available. (It definitely busier this week than in January)

I would still try not to wait until the day before or day of…if possible

Also, you should be able to get Mythos pretty easily. I’ve never had issues there. As an example, I just added a Mythos lunch to my trip this week. All times were available


Thanks! I’m fine with making a Cowfish reservation a week before or so. Given what I’ve seen on vlogs for Mythos reviews this summer I was hoping Mythos would be pretty easy. Thanks for the confirmation. :grin:


Also, no credit card required for reservations and no fee for canceling on the Uni side. They will call to confirm the morning of the reservation if you’re still planning on it.