January 2018

I am looking for anyone that has a late january early february, past trip experience. This is our second trip. The first was in September. No lines but was like walking on the surface of the sun. So, all of the books say to plan for temperature swings but I would like to know if anyone was uncomfortable during attractions due to cold? Would love to hear from anyone that toured during that time frame. Also, are pools even an option or should we plan to avoid them?

I should mention, we are staying off site,so the pool question is for in general. Not in regards to Disney resorts.

Where are you from? We liked going in January (minus the Splash refurb)! I enjoyed the weather in the high 60s, but I’m from NE. The Disney pools are heated and we had 2 pool days out of our 6, so I felt that was a win!

Like anything else, you are really dependent on what weather you get for your trip. We’ve been in November when it was actually colder and I needed sweatshirts and long pants in the parks. I felt like that was an anomaly. However, like I said, I grew up in NH so I know what COLD is and Florida is rarely actually cold. I couldn’t complain about a high of 50. I think if you are from TX, your opinion is going to be different!

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We are from Northern Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati, OH and winters here can be pretty bad. So Orlando will def be warmer. I just wonder if 7DMT or other coasters are uncomfortable in the beginning of the day or at night. Also, going in January, I know we will experience less day light hours than in September.

We made 3 trips around the end of January/early February - we’d often shoot for the 2 week break in the NFL playoff schedule pre-SuperBowl for a Saturday to Saturday trip. We always caught relatively decent weather - during the day we were typically comfortable in shorts with only 1 day max that I bothered with a jacket. We always swam - the water was fine, but getting out on a cool 60 degree evening could be rough so it depends on your weather tolerance. We were always able to do any ride - Splash and Kali have way shorter lines then. At Kali we once stayed on for 8 straight rides, given it was a little cool and since we were already wet, why not?

Now - we got lucky in that the weather was always pretty decent. I know the first year we didn’t go in late January, the weather was terrible that year with temps in the 30s at times. It’s possible you catch an awful year and get cold. If it’s that cold, I’d guess Kali would be brutal, Splash so-so and even a Test Track spin could be real chilly. But you can always bundle up which should work on most rides…

My sense is it’s a pretty good time to go though and almost has to be a gain in temps from Northern Kentucky…

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I’m from Toronto. I thought the same thing. February in Florida should be the same as May in Toronto. Boy was I wrong.

We were there the week of President’s Day in 2015. Temperatures were in the low 40’s until after lunch most days. My 5 yr old had to wear socks on her hands because I had left all our winter stuff at home.

I just read a post by someone that said Jan 2016 she also had low 40’s.

That said, I was in Orlando in Feb of 2010 and had amazing warm weather, In Feb of 2008, I had to go buy shorts and t-shirts after we landed because it was way to hot for jeans.

My advice is pack in layers. It’s easy to throw a hoodie over a t-shirt, or jeans over leggings.

Have fun.

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I was in Orlando in mid-February this year and it was pretty warm (just warm enough for shorts weather for Michigan folks… we would have been fine in pants all but one day), but got chilly in the evenings.


We went for President’s Day this year and just booked for the same week next year. The weather was absolutely perfect.

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I visited for a few days this past January. (mid-month.)

Crowds were low, prices were low, temperatures were very comfortable. 60s-70s. Perfectly ok to wear jeans and carry a hoodie, but only wear the hoodie early in the morning and at night.

Splash Mountain was open and I was comfortable even after getting a little wet.

Great time to walk, walk, walk, WALK all day.

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We were there January 28-February 4 of this year and it was perfect!! Prices, crowds, and temps were pretty low. It lightly rained our second morning we were there for about 2 hours and highs were in the mid/upper 50’s that day and the next. We used the ponchos when it was drizzling mostly because we knew that it wasn’t going to warm up enough for us to dry out. The rest of the trip was mid/upper 70’s. Not cold, but not super warm either. Being from western Washington it was great for us. And because of the rain on the second day, MK felt almost totally empty! We were able to pretty much walk on any ride we wanted. It was warm enough by the end of the trip that we probably could have jumped in the pool, but it never felt warm enough that we really felt the need to. The hardest part was knowing how to pack and remembering layers because it was pretty cool in the morning and evening, even on the days that it got warm. Overall though, it is the time of year that I’ll definitely look at when we plan our next trip!!

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Our family had gone the week before president’s day in 2016 and most mornings we were wearing hats, gloves, and light fleece jackets…and we are from Chicago!! But usually by the afternoon it was nice and we could go swimming.

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I was there 1/25-1/31 this year. The temperatures were all over the place. 1/25 the night was beautiful. 1/26 it was hot. 1/27 it was perfect. 1/28 it started to get chilly. I wore a sweatshirt the entire day in Animal Kingdom. I have only ever been hot there so it was nice! 1/29 it rained in the morning and then was nice, maybe 70. MK was the emptiest I have seen it that day, I think we used 15 FPP a piece, we just kept booking one after the other. Monday it was downright cold in the evening. So expect anything from hot to cold that time of year. It sure beat the weather we had in early April when it was 90-95 degrees for most of our 10 days.


So would you say avoid coasters on the cool evenings, or are they doable?

This is what we are looking forward too. In September, we HAD to take a break everyday (mostly to shower) and then head back to tour. We may have the option of staying for the duration of the day this trip.

Roller coasters are totally doable in chilly weather! Even if you get a little chillier, they’re over fast. Also, none of WDW’s outdoor coasters even go that fast, or high up, which is where the cold would be felt the most. Some of the bigger coasters at Universal might be a little chillier, are still definitely rideable.

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Yes! We took zero breaks in January, in April pretty much every day.

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It sounds pretty ideal. We had to watch for hurricanes in September but January doesn’t seem like much rain fall.

My mother in law runs about 15 degrees colder than the rest of us. Sounds like she needs her hat and gloves.

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This sounds very reassuring. I was worried we would want to avoid a lot of things because of cold. Sounds like you can do almost everything.

This is so reassuring. Thank you!