January 2016 roll call

Hey Liners! I didn’t see a thread for January yet. Who’s going?

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We are doing our first trip the 20-26th! Cannot wait! SUrprising our kids with it for Christmas!




We are taking our first trip Jan 9-13. Staying at Pop!


We are going for the first time January 22nd - 28th. ALSO surprising our kids for Christmas! Coming from Canada though and the exchange rate is MURDER!!!

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We are going Jan 7-13 and staying at CBR

Going 01/31 - 02/06 for the second time. Split stay in AKV Kidani and BLT. Nephew doesn’t know yet. Will tell him some time after Christmas.(Don’t want to take away from all the other christmas gifts from family)

Going Jan. 9 to 15. With daughter 17 and mother 86! Staying at POFQ for the 2nd time. Can’t wait, despite the unbelievable exchange rate :cry:

I’m kinda hoping with climate change that we can have endless summers and palm trees in Canada too one day! :sunglasses: :palm_tree:

Going Jan 30-Feb 6. It’s been 6.5 years since our last visit. Added one more child and two other ones will now be old enough to remember the trip. Staying at POR again. Can’t wait! :smile:

We will be there 23-28th at POP!

We will be there Jan 10-16. Last trip was exactly 4 years ago. My kids are old enough to be really excited this time.

23 more days. We arrive 1/2 and I can’t wait!!!

We’ll be at Saratoga Springs (eight of us in three rooms - family trip) Jan. 24-31. It’s my mom’s 60th birthday and she is treating us all to a family trip to WDW! My kids (ages 10 and 4) don’t know yet; we’re telling them on Christmas Day. This has been the hardest secret to keep!!!

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I agree! This is by far the hardest secret I’ve ever kept!!

We’re taking a short trip Jan 23-25. I’m getting the kids the Military Salute tickets for Christmas so that we can take a few short trips throughout the year (I’m stationed in Miami right now). Staying at the Coronado (1st time at a moderate) for 2 nights to try and buy me some time before a longer trip. The kids will be dying to go when they get the tickets but I just cant justify (or take time off) for a trip right after Christmas. My plan is 2 days of exploring resorts and Disney Springs and 1 day Park hopping! Last trip was so busy the kids didn’t even get to ride the monorail and we only saw about half of the AOA Resort where we were saying. Trying to slow down this year. I hope the kids are as excited about getting the tickets as I am about buying them!

We’ll be at Pop some overlap as @ekuster. Us Jan 25-29. Traveling w our bonus child DD6. Our other four kids are college and H.S. and have no interest in going to Disney World. We’ll be decorating our Pop window w a Frozen theme this year. Anyone else decorating windows?

heading there Jan 3 - 9th. staying at POR- Riverside with wife, son (12), daughter (8) and my mom. 3rd visit with the kids but first time we’re going with grandma.

We are staying at AoA from January 16-23. Can’t wait.

We are staying at POFQ Jan 25-29