Jan 29 - Feb 4, 2017 Help

I just realized that the pro bowl is Sunday January 29. Should we reschedule our big family vacation? I thought this time of year was supposed to be the low season but I am seeing moderate crowds. i am worried! Is there even a better week in January/February 2017 if i were to reschedule?? Any advice is appreciated. TIA.

Have a look at he crowd cal here on TP

Disney has never been involved with the pro-bowl before, so there is really no historic data to go on. My personal GUESS is that it won’t be that much of a factor, but no one really knows. For what it’s worth, I went the 3rd week in Jan one year and it was great…

I don’t have any experience with the Pro Bowl, but we were there almost the exact same dates this year and we had a great time!

OK if it is not from the pro-bowl what is causing the moderate crowds this time of year? I thought this time of year was supposed to be the low-low season. Other sites are saying that this will be 1-2 crowd weeks but i trust TP and I am worried. can someone help me understand the logic for the higher crowds?

TP has the crowd forecast really jacked up end of Jan through Mid Feb. I trust and paid for this, but not sure I should have. Every other site and my Dreams Unlimted TA is saying that the week we are traveling will be light. I mean Disney even has it listed as Value and the operating hours back that up. TP has peak crowds for Feb 4-11. Not in denial but it just does not make sense.

@len, @SteveBloom, @fred will the update affect this?

We were there 2016 these dates. When I booked the trip a year earlier the CL were showing 1-6 on various days. A few months before he trip the entire TP crowd calendar was updated, and my days became 4-9. The crowds were definitely moderate. It was busy, but with a great optimized TP (thanks subscription to TP!) waits were minimized and the whole family had a great time. All this to say: trust. It IS all worth the $. This is just a tiny sliver of what a WDW trip costs. Best investment ever.

We were there then in 2016 too. Definitely crowded over the weekend - but there was a cheerleading competition going on and I think some folks had a break from school. (Someone from New Orleans posted that all the New Orleans schools were out that week). Considering the same time for 2017. i saw that TL just lowered all the crowd ratings. Not sure what is going on behind the numbers. (Do you think someone at TL just makes them up? :wink: )

FYI The crowd cal was updated last night.

I have been wondering about the following week too. We are scheduled Feb 6-12 and that weekend the crowd is moderate. I have tried to get a room, but they are not easy to come by for that time either. Is there something going on that I am not aware of?

I really do not think the pro bowl would have much affect on CL. If you figure that 60,000 attend PB, most are probably not doing WDW. Divided by 4 parks and UNI I don’t think it would change much.