Jan 26 Crowd?

Anyone know why Jan 26th is predicted to be a 9/10? Is this just because it’s a Saturday?

We have the option to go either 1/23-1/27 OR 2/6-2/10. However, it looks like the February dates are the same as the cheerleading competition. We were surprised in January 2018 when we planned for a 2-4 crowd level but got MUCH higher.

Just wanting to make sure that I’m not missing some major event that’s scheduled during my January dates.

This is our first trip to Disney and we booked Jan 19th through the 26th thinking the same thing. Based on “other sites” this seemed to be a low crowd period. So once I discovered and joined touring plans I also was a little surprised to see 9 and 10’s. The only thing i could think of was MLK day?

Does anybody have experience with January dates? Does the crowd level change or update as the date approaches? Can you have a good time with a crowd level 10?

it is the pro-bowl weekend.
I was there this year and that Sat was very busy. I had a good plan so the lines were ok - but lots of people to wade through.
That being said, the rest of the week was fine and it wasn’t so busy that we didn’t enjoy ourself


and the game is in Orlando.

Which probably means lots of people in town for the game trying to decide what to do the day before.

Thanks, ya’ll!!

So… I’m assume pro-bowl weekend will still be better than cheerleaders. Agree?

(I’m not a peppy or overly-cheerful person)