Jan 2018 vs NOW?

How are ride capacities this year vs last year when it seemed that they were running many rides at lower levels? We go in 10 days so am hoping it is better than last year! Any experiences to share?

Well actual reported crowd levels by tp are looking better than predicted. I’m not sure though if we’ve actually hit the date from last year when they started the capacity experiment. Maybe someone on here knows @len.

It looks like the higher crowd levels persisted after Marathon weekend last year even with these early dates… So I’m guessing they aren’t reducing capacity as much if at all.

Last Year (overall resort crowd level) vs this year:

Day                      2018      2019
Mon 8th/7th               7           6
Tue 9th/8th               6           5
Wed 10th/9th              6           4
Thu 11th/10th             6           4
Fri 12th/11th             6           4
Sat 13th/12th             8           6
Sun 14th/13th             8           2
Mon 15th/14th             7           4
Tue 16th/15th             6           3
Wed 17th/16th             6           4

As you can see, crowds are consistently lower this year.

(Source: https://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/crowd-calendar/month/january/2018

Yeah, we’re in the period of the 2018 capacity experiment. It should last until third week of February, if I’m remembering right.


So does it seem like they are doing it again, or no? What are the early impressions?

If I had to guess, I’d say if they were still doing it, they were doing it to a much lesser extent.

Ok Great! That’s for sure what I am hoping. I guess I will find out- we will have a great time no matter what. :slight_smile:

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Make sure you use the Touring Plans feature to make a good touring plan. Then a 9/10 will feel like a 4/5 :slight_smile:

I don’t think they are. We were told “it was a disaster” and it stopped in February of 2018. This year doesn’t look anything like that.


I would concur wholeheartedly. I was thinking as I read this thread that if you have to ask it probably isn’t happening. The effects were not subtle last year.

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