Jan 16 HS Visit.... will I need Fantasmic Dinner Package?

We have never seen Fantasmic before but it will be our last night in Disney and I thought it would be a nice ending. Will I really need Fantasic Dinner Package to see the show if I don’t want to wait in line for 30+ minutes? We will be there Jan 16. We do Disney in Jan because our family just doesn’t do waiting in lines. We’ve been several times in Jan before and haven’t experienced much lines at all but I keep hearing about having to wait for Fantasmic and I want to be prepared.


Hola @tvaites! You’re looking at level 5 crowds on that day. Nothing to panic about I think. You don’t need the dinner package. I would just arrive 30 minutes before the show and stake out your spot. Enjoy the show!!

I was looking yesterday, and as of 5:00 p.m. there were still F! FP+ available according to the Lines App… (which only searched for 1 person availability). So, that would suggest that there will be FP+ available later in the day to pick up.