Jambo Room Renovations

Are all of the Jambo rooms renovated to the new Lion King theme?

All the non DVC units yes. Was completed before covid.

Always find it interesting how the DVC guys always get short shrift on renos.

Aside from rewarding customer loyalty, guess Disney hasn’t caught on that non-owners sometimes stay there and might remain non-owners if they’re underwhelmed.

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They’re on different timeframes that’s all. Bc the timeshare dues pay for it and bc in most cases, the DVC didn’t open the same time as the hotel units. It’s pretty much the same 10 year full refurb with a soft goods refresh at the 5 year mark. They just aren’t synched.


OK. I guess I’d just juggle the schedule to refurb them first as a teaser for what regular guests will get later.

It’s usually a 7 year cycle, with soft goods after 7 years and a hard goods refurb after 14.

Ok but the point still stands that they are on the same refurb cycle, just not synched.

The DVC rooms are always light on the IP touches too. Witness the Poly studios refurb now, no Moana wall etc, just the subtle Lilo and Stitch theme.

As @ninjasherrie said, it’s a timeshare. And paid for by annual dues.

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Not sure the cycle is the same. I think the resort rooms get done more frequently, but could be wrong there.