Jack & Sally at MNSSHP

So, we’re planning to go to MNSSHP in late October. I’m sure it’ll be a sell-out. My husband and son (8) are mildly interested in meeting Jack and Sally. In other words, they’d like to do it, but aren’t sure they want to sacrifice hours of time standing in line.
Are they standing out in the open, so we could wave as we walked past? I’m pretty sure that would satisfy them… only my daughter (3) is really into the characters.

If we do have to stand in line, does anyone have good suggestions of when to do it? I’m hearing that they come out earlier in the day and maybe we could meet them before the party actually starts. However, I have some difficult-to-change fastpasses. (who knew Enchanted Tales with Belle would be so difficult to get/change) So, I’m not sure I want to spend all of our time, early, standing in line, either.

Maybe this is one of those “chill-out” items that I have to put on the list for next-time.

I think I read they start meeting at 6:40 vs. 7:00 for most other MNSSHP characters. I don’t know how long the line is or might be.

When I was there, they were off in liberty square if I remember right, and out in the open enough you could watch others meet and greet. If you do want to meet and greet, your best bet is probably lining up during the first showing of the spelltacular or first parade run. Most of the crowd is off doing that and the lines will be lowest, and you still have other showings you can take advantage of.

This is the top of our list for when we go on Halloween night. From what I have heard so far about this year, they are actually meeting early. Reports have been that they actually start meeting around 5. So, my plan was already to get to the party early, around 4, and then make my way there. Even if I have to spend an hour in the line, it would be before the party starts and I wouldn’t miss anything else. Hopefully this early meeting time holds true until we go. Even if they are doing it for only the busy night, Halloween night would certainly be considered one of those.

Kenny the Pirate’s website has great tips for the parties and character meets.

Out in the open would be great! We’re planning to spend some time in Liberty Square - between Haunted Mansion, dinner at Columbia Harbor House, and the parade. If we can just wave as we go by, I think that’ll satisfy everyone.

Kenny the Pirate’s website says they are meeting early, and I’m debating whether we want to take advantage of that. I know it’s early - there haven’t been many party days yet. I’d like to move fastpasses around, though, if I can.

Agree with above. On September 2nd, they were at the gazebo in Liberty Square, where Tiana used to meet, if you are familiar with that. It is possible to take a picture from a little bit of a distance, standing at the exit of their meet and greet, of the two characters standing and talking to others. It appeared that they started greeting around 5:00 pm. The line was not ridiculous around 4:30, but was much longer, even between 6 and 7.

…not ridiculous… like, if we got in line at 4:30, would we be able to make a fastpass window that ends by 5:20?

So, for reference, I have fastpasses for Mickey at Town Square at 3:20, Enchanted Tales will Belle at 4:20, and Haunted Mansion at 5:20. I’d be willing to bail on the Mickey FPP, but we really want to do ETWB. She closes at 6 that night, so that window is pretty restricting for us.

Unfortunately, I think that would be too tight and it would be unlikely to work. The characters were kind of talking a lot to each guest / group. You could try ETWB first and then see what the line is like for Jack and Sally on the way to haunted mansion, since it is sort of near haunted mansion. The other problem is that the Mickey head for FPP didn’t turn green for us 5 minutes early the night of our MNSSHP (the only time of our one week vacation), so the CM’s might not be allowing the typical “grace” period of 5 minutes early / 15 minutes late if you got to ETWB a little late.