I've just realised today's Wednesday

I look forward to a Wednesday sooooo much. A new see ya reel soon video. Makes hump day more bearable.


Oh! Thank you for the reminder! I often have insomnia on Wednesday (for no discernible reason) and I love to watch @NotThatKevinSmith's newest video in the wee hours of the morning with a pair of earphones. I suppose I could just watch it during the day like a normal person, but I never think of it. sleeping


My boyfriend usually has it waiting for me when I get home from work. All I'll say about this week is Ashley, your a braver lady than I am!

We have a Wednesday routine. Buy one get one free Sundae's at Carvel and @NotThatKevinSmith's newest upload smiley And anytime I surprised my DD's last week at WDW they broke into a full blown Ashley "Are you serious?" http://seeyareelsoon.wix.com/seeyareelsoon


I've watched that video a few times now. I cry every time.

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