I've just booked 16 days of Fastpasses - I thought the limit was 14

I’ve just finished my final fastpass booking for WDW and it’s let me book 16 days total. I had read the limit was 14 days.
I do have the UK only 21 day pass though, do you think that might be why? Or is it likely to blitz out on me and mess everything up?

Are you staying onsite your whole trip?

No, just an initial throwaway booking.

That is weird!

Yes, I was surprised. I can only put it down to the fact the very unusual 21 day ticket opens it up. And most of those who get them aren’t savvy enough to be booking FPPs properly perhaps, so we haven’t seen it happen?
What normally happens when someone tries to book a 15th day?

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Normally it doesn’t let them. I’ve never had the 21 day ticket but I’ve seen reports from liners who have and they usually do days 15-21 on the rolling window.

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Yes, that’s what I was expecting to have to do, but… tried the 15th, worked, and just did day 16 without a hitch.
I might go back and fill in some of the days I left blank just as reserves to use, maybe see if it stops me at 22…
My only worry is it messing up the proper ones I have, but I’ve saved the page with them all listed so I guess I could go to them and get it fixed.

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So do you have 16 days worth of FPs booked, or just 14 days worth going into the 16th day? I’m confused by you saying you have blank days.

I have 16 days booked out of the 21 window we’re there

It’s especially weird if you’re not staying onsite. Only the onsite days should have opened up regardless of the length of your ticket.

We’re using a throwaway FW campsite booking so that opens up the 60 day rolling window from our first day. So that’s standard, but yeah, I got to 14 thinking that’d be it, and just tried the next day, and it let me, and again, 16th day of FPPs booked too now.

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Oh I see, I thought today was your 60 days but you’ve been booking each day. That makes more sense! In fact it explains everything because the rolling window opens up each day up to the 21st. You can have 21 days of FP, you just can’t book them all at the 60 day point.


Oh! I didn’t know that! I’d always read it as 14 days maximum in total! I guess the situation is rare so it’d never come up.
Oh in that case I’ll add in some back ups for the other days in case we change plans!

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Yes, this!

Actually I don’t know if there is a limit. If someone had two 14-day tickets linked, I think they’d be able to book all 28 days.

But the key thing is you cannot ever book more than 74 (or would it be 75?) days ahead, unless you pay for the privilege via the club level “deal”.

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Just a follow up, I hit the limit!
Following this thread I went and booked up other days just in case plans changed. And just now, I got the this:

I’d booked 21 days of FPP, and that’s my limit it seems, day 22 was a no go (we have the UK 21 day passes so that makes sense).
Good to know. I thought I’d add to the pool of knowledge.