I've changed my plans so many times - now wondering if anyone can review for me?

I’m so appreciative of all the advice you guys have given me here. You take so much time to help out newbies like me and I’m sure our trip will be so much better for the knowledge I’ve gained here. We’re 4 weeks out now & I’ve changed the plans so many times, but I think it’s time I hand it over and see what you guys think. Any feedback, foreseeable issues etc would be most welcome.

Here’s Day 1 - HS with late start. Hoping to then go to MK for late EMH but will play that by ear. I think we may drop M&M red carpet in favour of Mickey at Town Squ & arrive at HS later but that can also be determined on the day. I hope this link works.

Day 2 is FPP’s at Epcot then just wandering WS so very loose plan.

Day 3 MK with RD for Space, princess meets, CP ADR & FPP’s until midday so again not a huge plan.

Day 4 AK: RD Navi (Satuli is there as location for walk to next step, not because we’re doing anything there).

I think your plans are fine, but one thing I would consider is heading to EP after HS on day 1, instead of MK because it is much closer (a 15 minute walk or boat ride) But if you are happy with what you have, don’t change anything. Rope Drop is key and it looks like you have that all figured out. Enjoy!

I am assuming tower of terror is not a fav. Otherwise the first day looks good. On day 4 I would strongly recommend taking an Uber. The RD at AK is chaotic and everyone bolts to FoP. Because your doing Navi you should be fine but you may be able to squeeze in an extra FoP if you uber and get there early. Its amazing.

Thanks for your feedback!!

No ToT not a good one for us. My DD10 cried for 30 mins after doing it in Tokyo and even though we tell her it’s different here she won’t go anywhere near it. The rest of us not too bothered.

I think we’ll do uber for many of our trips. Friends of ours raved about how well uber worked for them last time & cost isn’t too bad.

Id love to do FoP twice so depending on how well we do getting there early we may do that first.

Our resident Plans Changer, @profmatt should review these changes plans for you. In part because it would serve as penance for all his switcheroos and in part because he’s a pro at changing plans.


I would plan at least 60 minutes for Tusker House, probably more like 75. It took us about 20 minutes to be seated, plus it was not a speedy meal. Looks like you have some free time in there, but thought I would mention it.


I would wager 90 would not be too much.

Hopefully 50 mins was overestimate for Navi, so we could get to TH earlier than what’s on the plan. If it’s at that time and then 90 for TH we won’t make it to FotLK. Is TH a buffet? If it is we just won’t gorge ourselves and be conscious of time. Fingers crossed.

Yes it is a buffet. Depending on how quickly the characters are moving through, you may not catch them all if you have a tight schedule.

TH is a buffet. What takes a long time there is the characters. And they often run behind for seating

I’d be a bit concerned about delays on the Safari with that time frame for Tusker House. It just takes an animal to block the path for 10 minutes and you’ll be late for your ADR.

And I personally would allow more time for Flame Tree, and then a bit of a gap until Dinosaur. It’s quite a jerky ride, I wouldn’t want to be riding it right after eating.

Yeah, with four adults that eat fast, we waited 40minutes to be seated+ it took us one hour to eat and get all most of the pictures. So I would TOTALLY schedule at least 90minutes.

Personally, I’d discourage going to Boardwalk for lunch and then coming back. That is 30-50 minutes out of your day plus bag check etc. It might make more sense to grab and ADR at 50’s Prime Time or Hollywood and Vine or hit Pizza Rizzo or Backlot.

I love your Animal Kingdom day. Try to modify FOP Fast Pass up some to an earlier time so you can book more fast passes during the afternoon. It might be a challenge this close to your trip but will make your day even more productive. Great call on Flame Tree - I love their ribs! Yum!!!

Thanks for your advice.
So if we arrived for RD at AK for 7:20 for Navi, how long do you think it’d take us before we could be off to the safari? It’s a CL 5 day. I’ve allowed 50 mins and 12 mins walk but it wouldn’t be nearly that much if we get there early enough. I guess we’ll play it by ear as to whether we do the safari after Navi, only if we have enough time. I’d like to do it in the morning as I heard that’s a great time to do it, but if we’re pushed for time we’ll move it back.

I was just there on a CL 7 and walked on Navi after doing FOP. You will NOT need that much time for Navi. If you are hoping to do FOP twice, you have to do that FIRST then Navi otherwise the wait will be too long.

I definitely think you can squeeze in both in that first hour.

TH like others said has to be 90 minutes. It’s not about YOU eating fast but it’s about having all characters go through your table. It’s an expensive lunch so I don’t think it’s worth it to rush it.

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