It's Tough to be Bug Exit

When you exit ITTBAB, can you turn right or left? Or is the only exit path to the left? I am working on my TP and I am hoping to take a right out of the tree and cut over towards Africa to the Flik M&G after ITTBAB.

Not sure I quite understand the question, but at the end of the show, you exit the left side of theater - the right side is where the queue feeds in.

Oops. I meant once you exit the theater. Is there only one path?

My recollection is that there’s one path leading out of the Tree. You will end up further up the walkway from were you entered. It’s just at the edge of entering Asia.

If that’s the case, it will only take a few more minutes to make your way to the side you’d like to be on.

Oddly, and only to confuse you further, when I looked at the map, it indicates that there is a path that would let you go to the left and head toward Africa. Unfortunately, the maps never show the back of the tree for a clear view. Can’t tell if that path dead ends or goes all the way around.

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