Its the tree of life

Funny story. I’ve been in palm beach with friends for a few days and they’ve kept driving by a park pointing to it telling me “the tree of life is over there!” They’ve even gone so far as to pull over and make me take pictures of them under one. They couldn’t understand why I was super unimpressed.
Because I’ve seen the one at AK and it’s glorious compared to these dinky things they’re showing me -they don’t even light up for gods sake :rofl:
Here’s the pic I took for them :rofl:


Yep, that might only get a “Hello, Slightly-better-than-average-looking” from @OBNurseNH, if that.


I do love a good banyan tree!


That reminds me of the tree in Key West near the marina

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100% thinking of her when posting this


Do you like Key West? Was planning to go there as a US alternative to Caribbean travel.

Loved it there. But have only been as a cruise stop, have not been yet to stay. It’s amazing though!

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Well, to be fair, this one is alive whereas the AK one is a sculpture.

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We went to Key West in October.

If you are looking for a beach setting, there is very limited beach at Key West. It’s more a party and boat town. Although we did have good time without excessive drinking and no fishing.


Fort Zack is great though


Were they happy to have posed for you? :laughing:


100% agree. Pretty much everything except the bars close at 5 though. I’ve been three times, once just for a day on a cruise, and there is a lot to do there and easy to get around the island. I would definitely go back.