It's not until February but I'm already worried,

This is probably early to post, but there’s stuff I’m wrestling with, and I’d love advice.

I’m going to do two days in Disney World before a cruise. I’m flying in Wednesday morning 2/26 and leaving early Friday morning. The room is booked so I have the full 180 for ADRs.

Here are the things I most want to do: FOP Trail’s End. Funnel Cake. Maybe the Gelato place Fireworks. EE as many times as possible. Fireworks. Fireworks. Animal Kingdom. Magic Kingdom. Haunted Mansion. Splash Mountain (Unless it’s really cold)

Stuff I’d like to fit in maybe:
Breakfast at Tusker House or Crystal Palace. Tea at the Grand Floridian. After dark events. Disney Spring. (That Gelato place looks good.) Ohanna.

The problem is that one reason to do Tusker House is to get in earlier to get on FOP. But if I can score a fast pass I don’t need to. If there is an after dark at AK on one of those days I can rope drop Magic Kingdom instead. But if there isn’t Thursday has to be AK day. Here’s another thing, 'll be making the dining reservations 120 days before the fast passes and months before the after dark schedules come out.

You guys are experts. How would you plan it?

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I hate to say this. But a lot of people book multiple adrs at the 180 mark so as you get closer you can fine tune your plans as you get closer and drop the adrs you do not need once you have your fast passes.


I don’t know exactly what time you arrive on Wednesday, but I’m assuming it won’t be early in the morning. That makes it looks like you really have 1 1/2 days. If arrival day is a DAH night that would help.

FYI - a PPO Tusker may not get you to FoP any faster. They have been letting people walk to Pandora about 15 minutes before actual RD. You might get out early if you don’t care about meeting the characters and just eat quickly.


I do like Tusker House, but theres only so much you can eat in a day. I think I’d rather save money there and do something more special. DAH. Fireworks party.

OH! Completely unrelated. Mr. Kamals doesn’t show up on the website. Is it still there? Please tell me it’s still there.

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My ADR day was last Saturday for our early January trip and this is what I did. I have a plan, but I also have an alternate plan, and even within the plan I have a couple of alternate sub-plans, lol. I will drop the ones I don’t need, probably around the time I get FPP (knowing that hours and CLs may change even after that, but at some point I have to just GO with it). :grinning:


It wasn’t on the website during our January trip and was definitely still there. For some reason this seems to be a kiosk that they don’t put online.


It was there for my trip a few weeks ago, so yummy!!