It's my FPP day, help needed please

We are at HS on Wed 14th Dec, 12:35pm H&V and 3:40pm Sci Fi. I couldn’t get a morning FPP for TSMM so have one for 3:10pm instead. FF at 2pm-2:15pm for 2:30 show. Currently have TOT at 10:15am, and ST 11:50am. I am trying to do JT at 12:10pm which is a time not currently listed in Touring plans, but is a current time for Oct, is this too risky? and doing ST afterwards, but that makes us late for lunch. The plan where we do GMR first followed by ST works best, but is this an awful start to WDW for DD5? Can’t have any must do’s after 4pm incase DD5 is napping. Thoughts please.

For the other parks I’ve managed to get all the attractions I need, but not always at the times I was after. Will the system not show available times if it clashes with something else?

ADRs with only a 3 hour gap, especially when you think you may be late to the first seems like a bad plan to me. I’d look for an earlier lunch or a later dinner or probably better is to drop one entirely. H&V has the DIS Jr. characters and is a buffet while SciFi has a cool environment that simulates a drive-in movie with a B movie roll going that’s entertaining. Neither has exceptional food - SciFi is a cooler setting although if your kids love DIS Jr. that may be the way to roll. Dropping one of the ADRs also likely cleans up potential conflicts with Jedi Training as well.

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Are you trying to just see JT or participate? If participating, you need to allow almost 1 hr since you have to report back 30 min in advance of the show. If just watching, you might be just barely ok. However, I’d question whether you are really going to be hungry 3 hours after lunch.

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Thank you @Damavs & @felicia3333.

We’d like to participate in JT too, and we want to keep both ADR’s. We’ll only have drinks and dessert at Sci Fi. Still can’t work out my HS plan, haven’t started looking at MK, and I think AK is OK because I got the times I was after.

These are my EP TP’s for Sat & Mon, I think it’s OK? was surprised that not all time slots were available for the less popular attractions.

Drinks & Dessert at SciFi only makes more sense. It’s cool to check out.

I’m slightly confused by your Epcot TP. For Saturday you show 4 FP+ reservations, 2 of which are Tier 1 (TT & FEA) so I’m not sure how that works. Your 4th is Nemo which is likely quite possible, but frankly it’s likely unneeded I’d expect. The bigger issue is of course the FP for both Test Track & Forever Ever After - both are quite useful, but I don’t believe possible. I also don’t understand why you’d go back to the Poly and then return solely for Imagination & the Pixar film - I wouldn’t come back for just those.

Monday is similar - 4 FP’s with 2 being tier 1 again to TT & FEA. Are those just place holders so that if you get FEA one day you’ll do TT the other?

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Me and the girls will do FEA on Sat while DH does TT, on Mon we will use the TT rider swap and all do FEA. On Monday we won’t be coming back to EP, plan is Ohana at 5:15pm and stay at the hotel. I know my lunch and dinner are too close and I’m looking for a later Ohana ADR and hoping to pick up an Ohana dinner for the Friday instead.

OK - that makes far more sense then. Looks like a solid plan - as you note the Lunch at Coral Sea & Dinner at Ohana are pretty close and that would be the one area I’d try to clean up if possible. Hopefully you can get into Ohana later/another day…

Back to your original question, I’d think GMR & then ST is fine for a 5 year old - although I guess it depends on if she’s spooked by things easily (GMR has some sequences I’ve heard bothered some young kids - Alien, the cowboy/gangster thing - my son was never bothered at that age so it definitely depends on the kid) & ST has simulator motion which bothers some people. Both are good rides, although a decent walk from each other.

Jedi Training is a lot of fun for young kids & I would prioritize that over most anything. Unfortunately you’ll need to be somewhat flexible based on what time you can get.

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This is my HS plan with my current FPP times. That has us 10 mins late for lunch and using a Jedi time 12:10pm that might not exist.

This plan uses 10:10am JT, with same FPP’s but DH will be nearly 15 mins late for TOT FPP. I can move it, but the time that would work for both plans is not available anymore.

Both plans hop around a lot, which do you think I should do please?

I’ve moved ST to 4:50pm, and I’ll keep checking for a TOT time that works for both plans. Still a bit worried that we are hopping all over the place, but at least it’s a plan.