It's January, what's your countdown?

Can we start a new countdown? We are at SEVEN DAYS! So excited :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


117 and still tentative - have made ADRs, but nothing else yet. Not letting myself get too excited yet as it might fall through…

249… Longest countdown I’ve ever had!!! Skipping some spring/fall day trips to save up for a long weekend in oct and our annual mnsshp!!!

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I have always wanted to do an October trip to see all the Halloween decorations!

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92 days here! Flower and Garden, here we come!

60 days for me!

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65 days until we leave for Florida and check in at CSR. 71 until we board the Disney Dream. Getting excited!

127 days for us!!

79 and 222 first time I have ever had two at the same time though dates of 2nd trip may shift a day or two

105 for us. Can’t wait for F&G and SWW.

As of yesterday I have a countdown! 85 days!

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60 days and a few hours. I’m up 'til midnight for FP+ !!!


95 days!

238 for us!

@rachaelmac22 we are at 264 but our last trip started at 604. That was pure misery!!!


Being in the “200s” uggggg!!! Haha! Ds5 and I are already planning our mnsshp costumes!!

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7 days for me, too! Starting to become difficult to sleep at night :wink:

143 days


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