It's do or die folks. Tell me this is not the best plan

In a week will be my 60-day FPP window. So getting close to the wire. Below is my 8-day plan for late January. Feel free to judge away and don’t hold any punches. I know it’s long but any advice appreciated.

Me, DW, DS (7), DS (5)
First Disney trip
8 day park hopper
Split Stay Poly/WL

Day 1 (Sat) - Epcot (4-9pm)
Check-in Poly 3pm
Epcot 4-9pm (targets: Soarin, SE, Nemo, Illuminations)
Dinner - Biergarten

Day 2 (Sun) - Epcot (8am-3pm)
RD Epcot - 8am Akershus breakfast
Standby Frozen/TT
FP targets - Soarin, SE, Nemo
Lunch - Coral Reef

Afternoon/night at Poly
Dinner O’hana

Day 3 (Mon) - HS

EMM Toy Story Land
Target TOT/RnR/Star Tours for AM FPP
Leave HS noon
Lunch T-Rex 1pm Disney Springs
Return to Hotel 3pm

Optional evening return to HS or stay at hotel
Dinner Prime Time booked
Target - SDD FPP

Day 4 (Tues) - MK/AK

Morning - MK (7:30-noon)
EMM Fantasyland


Afternoon - AK (3-8pm)
Tiffins ROL Lunch - 3pm
Target FPP - KS, EE, FOP
Stay for ROL and nighttime stuff

Day 5 Weds - AK/MK

Morning - AK - (10am-3pm)
O’hana breakfast 7:30am - Check out of Poly
Arrive AK 10am See stuff didn’t get to see day before
Target FPP - NRJ, KS, Nemo
QS - lunch - Flame Tree BBQ?

Break - Check into WL 3-4pm
Dinner Whispering Canyon 5pm

Night - MK with EMH
HEA Dessert Party 630-8
EMH 8-10pm - stay as long as kids survive; hit HM, SM if possible
maybe grab some anytime FP

Day 6 Thurs - MK (10-4)
Sleep in later
arrive MK 10am - focus on Adventureland & Fontierland
FPP targets - BTMR, JC, Pirates
lunch Crystal Palace
Dole Whips & stay for 3pm parade and back to WL
Dinner WL - at Artist Point Snow White Character

Day 7 Fri - MK all day
RD MK - 8am breakfast Cinderella’s Castle
Hit all the popular stuff
FPP targets - 7 dwarfs, Belle, Pooh, JC
QS lunch/snacks
Dinner BOG

Day 8 Sat - MK/Depart
Breakfast Chef Mickey’s 8am
Go back to MK 930-11am
FPP targets - 7 dwarfs, BTMR
Check out WL
Lunch Sanaa before flight
evening flight

So, do you need a nanny? I want to tag along! Sounds fun!!

Day 2: why not make your FP targets Frozen & TT?

Day 5: better odds of getting the FOP FP on this day

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:flushed: where is your rest day?

I do like that some of your days end early or remain flexible. For me there’s a lot of early mornings but I also remember that when my kids were younger they were up anyway so it made sense.

Are you flying in? What time do you really anticipate arriving at Poly?

On transfer day are you taking your luggage yourself or having it moved by bell services? If the latter, be sure to allow time enough for them to collect your things.

I wonder if you might do the dessert party on another day or else cancel your WCC reservation. Both are a LOT of food and I know my crew would not enjoy both on the same evening.

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Thanks for replying. No full rest day planned. Just breaks. Flight arrives before noon on Sat so I figured about 4 hours from wheels down to Epcot would work. No?

Good question on transfer day. Plan would be to pack up bags ourselves, drop them off at bell services and have them transfer to WL.

Yeah, good point about Whispering Canyon and dessert party being so close together. Goal was to do a relaxing dinner at WL after check-in and full them up with somewhat healthy food at dinner before they pig out at desserts. Me and DW won’t eat many desserts but my kids will even in they are full. Not opposed to something lighter at WL like Roaring Forks for quick dinner. If by the pool might be double bonus.

Yeah, you and others might think trip is overbooked. You might be right. But I’d rather overschedule and back off if necessary than underschedule and wish we tried to do more.

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I think it sounds great but watch the burn out factor! We found hopping extra exhausting on our trip… but my kids are younger. Maybe add another day where it’s an optional activity so there’s some more flexibility. We also wanted a 12-3 break but we wouldn’t end up leaving until 1 then we would be at the hotel (poly) for 30 mins before we had to leave. Everything took longer then I planned. Just a thought!


They can only get 1 initially from Soarin, TT and FEA. Since they have Akershus for breakfast, they will be able to jump on FEA. TT is nearer to FEA than Soarin. Although of the three, TT may well be easiest to get as a 4th FP.

Yup that’s pretty much the plan. Akershus at 8 then standby frozen at nine and next to TT standby

Wow sounds like an awesome trip! I love all of your ADRs but do agree that day 5 sounds like a lot of food. I think your crew will enjoy the EMM. Good luck on FP day!

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Good points. I do worry about hopping, especially on weds when we switch hotels

We found just being prepared to be flexible was important. And then maybe the decision to change stuff easier. It will be an awesome trip!

Thanks. Anyone think I should scrap Sanaa on departure day and maybe just relax at WL until departing for the airport? I assume we could check out and leave bags with bell services and relax at resort until heading to the airport? Would that be better than commuting back and forth from AKL?

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You have a lot scheduled which is fine, but if the group is getting tired just be flexible enough to skip some things.

I also agree that day 5 sounds like a lot of food. When we have done dessert parties, we typically eat a good lunch and then nothing until the party.

I personally think that day 2 is also a lot of food with Akershus breakfast, Coral Reef lunch and 'Ohana dinner. That’s 3 really big sit down meals. I could see doing breakfast and dinner with a decent snack in between. Or eat really light at Coral Reef if possible.

Day 2 sounds like way too much food. 3 sit downs is just too many for a lot of people.

Day 5 sounds like a lot for a day you’re transferring rooms. Split stays aren’t that bad but it is still a minor time hassle, especially with youngish kids.

Be prepared to skip some nighttime shows when doing early mornings ( major pains exiting parks after night shows).

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I was going to suggest this when I read your initial post. Why trek over to AKL on your departure day? In fairness, I haven’t eaten at Sanaa, but I have eaten at both Boma and Jiko … great meals (especially Jiko), but I wouldn’t make a special trip to AKL on my departure day for either.

Also, SSE and Nemo are fun, but I think once per trip is enough for those two … not sure you want to plan going on both twice. I guess the counter argument is that there are not many worthwhile Tier 2 FP+ options at Epcot. While I don’t love the current iteration of Journey into Imagination (or whatever it is currently called), I would prefer it over a second go around in Nemo. Are you going to try Mission Space? If so, I would trade one of the Nemo’s for that.

That is a lot of time sitting at meals (instead of enjoying the parks). I have found TS meals can often take 1.5 hours from your reservation time until you leave the restaurant.

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On your Epcot day I would rope drop Soarin as it’s only a 10 minute wait at that time and use your fastpass for TT as it was down both times we rope dropped at the start of this month then try to get to Frozen as early as possible … we waited over an hour for that ride and it simply wasn’t worth it …

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I like day 1 & 2, presume Soarin is your expected favorite? If not then get FPP for TT on one of the days
Day 3 seems too much, but your evening is optional, is T rex more important that PT?
Day 4 also seems too long, I’d hop from MK to AK and finish late afternoon, then do AK afternoon/evening on transfer day. I’ve heard that when bell services transfer your bags between hotels it can take an awfully long time, I might uber there in the morning before going to AK. Just seen your evening plans for Day 5, so that wouldn’t work. I think there is too much in the plan, and lots of traveling, is there anything you could cut?

Thanks for the replies. Leaning towards dropping Sanaa and just relaxing at WL before departure. Will save AKL for another trip. . .

Weds is the day I’m most nervous with hotel switch and park hop. I would have preferred to do AK all in one day Tuesday but when they announced MK EMM Tues morning it was too good to pass up so I split AK between Tues PM and Weds AM. Will keep it that day and hope for the best.

Agree Day 2 Sun is probably too much food. Would drop Coral Reef but seems like a really cool concept that kids would enjoy. Maybe not?

As far as Epcot is concerned the only interesting tier 2 FPP for my kids seem to be SE and Nemo. Day 2 Sunday I feel like we can do Frozen and TT immediately after 8am Akershus with low waits (that’s what my custom TP says) so thought of saving Tier 1 for Soarin Sat and Sunday. Maybe switch FP Day 2 to TT and standby Soarin immediately after Frozen. Planning on Mission Space Green which I read don’t waste fast passes for. Kids have never been on closed space motion ride before and I hear Orange is intense.

Stuff I would cut include optional evening return to HS on Monday, Weds evening EMH at MK after dessert party. Want to keep T-Rex and a couple hours at Disney Springs as I think my boys would love the restaurant and shopping at Disney and Lego stores. I suppose I could cut out Weds AM return to AK but that would only leave 1/2 day at AK on Tuesday night and I fear of missing out at AK (although of all the parks I’m guessing AK will be their least favorite).

I have never been on Green. Orange is very intense. All kids are different, but I wouldn’t bring a 5 y/o and 7/ y/o on orange unless I was pretty sure they loved intense rides.

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