It's coming!its finally coming!

Is your trip fast approaching and u can hardly stand it. Well, that’s me! My husband and I are surprisinging our kids and I can’t wait to tell them . I can only imagine how excited they would be. I can hardly take it. We r leaving in 30 days. Just finishing up details now. How bout ?Crazy too?


I am at 13 days out, and we are surprising our LO the day before. I am so excited that I am starting to whistle Disney tunes while at work, much to the annoyance of my coworkers.

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I’d like to point out that I’m jealously reading posts about other people going home soon, and I unfortunately won’t be able to join them. I’m going back in a LOOOONG 959 days, but who is counting! LOL!

Have fun! And let us know about the new rides/shows!

We head down there Friday night, and I’m just now getting really excited. I’m ecstatic at the weather forecast. Mostly 70s to low 80s and very little rain. Last time we went it rained ALL DAY for both EPCOT and HS.

Any time I hear about people doing a surprise trip for their kids it takes me back to the time my wife and I did that. We picked up our two boys in the cafeteria at the end of the school day with envelopes telling them we were going to WDW and had to leave right now. Our youngest was in Kindergarten at the time and cried because it was his day for show and tell the next day and now he was going to miss it. Those pictures were great. Haha. Hope yours goes better than that. He did recover quickly and was very excited. But that initial reaction will always be remembered.

We’re leaving on Saturday. There is just no way I could keep a trip a secret from our 3.5yo DD - I’m the crazy mom who shouts for her to come and watch the WDW commercials on TV…way too excited for my own good! :rofl:

Well, we didn’t keep it a total secret, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to either. The boys knew we were going, just didn’t know when.

Believe me. It’s getting harder every day not to tell them. Now I have to try and find the best way to pack without them seeing everything!!! My husband and I still have to figure out a way to tell them.

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You will figure out a way. It’ll be awesome.

For me, I’m going back on my kids 10th birthday and we are going to surprise them too. I’ve already thought this through. I will tell them I’m coming home from work a little early and they can open one present each the day before their birthday. We will tell them we are going to spend a long weekend with their grandparents all along, and then when they open the one present, we will let them know.

It’s almost been a year and they are still talking about it like they just got back yesterday. WDW is so awesome.

We leave Saturday Morning and DS4 has no idea about it! Still haven’t decided when to tell him. At this point I’m curious how far I can take it. Think I can do a reveal with the DME at MCO?