It's alive! New automatic fax for Disney room requests


Thanks for the help. I am looking there, but what confuses me is the Standard View part. When I look at the choices for 1 bedroom club level those do not look like Standard Views to me. Also there isn’t any mention of a suite in the room type. I didn’t want to request something I wasn’t reserved for because I didn’t think that would work.


Is there a 1 bedroom savannah view CL option at Jambo?

I just looked- so you are going through DVC? I would look through that option and read any comments. I would also keep the text that asks for a room “that borders_______savannah”.


We booked through a Disney Travel agent and did a switch from our original reservation from Boardwalk to AKL so that’s why I’m not quite sure what we got. I attached a picture of the room choice, it doesn’t mention DVC but maybe so ¯_(ツ)_/¯. Thanks for taking a look.


I know it does not help but I have found there is often a disconnect between TPS room description on AKL and what AKL says. For example, if you look at enough of the rooms you will find notes on rooms that TP say are queen rooms, but they have bunk beds. AKL CL said they have “lots and lots of CL rooms with bunk beds”, TP notes one. AKL said they put me in a savannah view room (with no animals and an area fenced in) TP said it was a “garden view “.

I have found that AKL does try to meet Room requests. I would look at the views and room numbers and add your own text to your TP fax.


Will do. Thanks for helping me out.


We had a standard room reservation made with MVT at Wilderness Lodge. I requested a 5th or 6th floor room, NW facing in hopes of getting a view of the fireworks and looking above the view of the workers’ sheds/ parking lot. I used the standard TP fax request format but added a little personalized note about how it was our first time and how we were looking forward to our trip- saying thank you for considering our request. I did online check-in basically when it was available and we got the text with our room assignment while on the ME. They gave us a 1st floor accessible room with a patio, and a nature view with bunk beds, so an upgrade from what we had reserved. We loved the view of the little pond with the ducks, and got to watch the fireworks from our room, as hoped. So, it was way better than I had imagined! Thanks, TP for this and all the other services you provide.


Whenever i use the room finder I find myself wishing that N was always in the same direction (like at the top of the page I mean) on the big map and on the more zoomed-in view of the buildings. It takes some effort to work it out in my mind what direction I’m looking in in the zoomed in view.


I have that same problem!


Successful request at BC for a friend of mine. She had a room for 5 guests reserved with a garden or woods view. I had selected a room based on her request for a full balcony and stressed that as the most important factor above all else. She was assigned to the room next door to the one she requested, with a full balcony, and is very happy with that!


Hi! I’m trying to request a room at Beach Club, and really the only thing I care about is that the room has 2 queens and a daybed. Whether or not a room has a daybed doesn’t show up in the TP BC maps. I planned to delete any specific language in the TP room request form and just ask for a room with a daybed, but I can’t figure out how to get a fax started without first requesting a specific room. Even when I delete all of the specific language, my TP dashboard shows that I requested room 1234 (or whatever room I randomly picked to start the fax process). I’m worried that if room 1234 doesn’t have a daybed, then starting with that specific room will undermine my whole request. Anyone have any suggestions?


The hotel only sees the fax. If you’ve deleted the room number and info, they won’t get that info.


Just checking in for another TP fax success story! My friend is new to TP and I helped her set up her room request. They checked in today (party of 8 with 3 standard rooms) requesting 2 connecting rooms + 1 adjoining room at POP as their first request, close to Everything Pop as their second request and ground floor as her third request. She showed room 6118 as her requested room and it prepopulated several rooms along that block of rooms. She did on line check in and got her room assignment about 2pm today and was assigned 6117 as the adjoining room and 6118 & 6119 as the connecting rooms! Exactly what she had requested! :heart:
They check out Tuesday and I check in Tuesday and my room request was faxed today with the same area of rooms with 6113 being the room I clicked on as my choice room. I will be super happy if I get anything along there (maybe I will get one of the rooms she will be checking out of that day!) I will keep ya’ll updated!


We also had success with the room request for our split stay. Poly club level requested and got 3502, awesome view of the castle. At Pop Century, we have three rooms, requested building 3, consecutive rooms and received close to what we requested - I wanted rooms facing the lake but got them facing the pool. Turns out the 50’s pool is pretty quiet so noise hasn’t been a problem at all. 3402 and 3403 are adjoining rooms which works great for our group of three families. Room request for the win!


I wasn’t quiet as successful as my friend but definitely not disappointed. I was thinking I would get one of her rooms that she was checking out of since we checked in the same day they checked out and I showed 6113 is my first choice of rooms with the rooms along the cooridor as examples. In my fax I showed my requests as Close to Everything POP as my first choice and 1st floor as my second choice. I was assigned room 5134 which did not disappoint me at all. It’s a beautiful quiet area facing the lake and super close to everything pop so I would call that a SUCCESS!!! Thank you TP for this great service!


The view from room5134


Oh, that’s wonderful! I’m hoping for a view of the lake when we’re there.


I timed my walk to Everything POP and it was exactly 2 minutes. It was super quiet and a beautiful view. I would definitely request this location again. And our mousekeeping was great!


Success here! I had gone through the room finder quite thoroughly and picked out a bunch of rooms that I would be especially keen on at SSR, and listed those. I gave reasons why I was keen for those rooms in comments - we had a two week stay and no car as we’re from overseas, so wanted to be able to walk everywhere easily. I also thanked the room finder in comments & wished happy holidays etc. The room we got was one of the better ones of those I had requested (in terms of view). We loved it, it was a great home for two weeks!


I have 2 rooms booked at AKL for our party of 6 but I can’t work out how make 2 room request faxes without cancelling out the first one ???


Just add the 2nd reservation number and room details in the free text box