It's alive! New automatic fax for Disney room requests


Thanks for the help. I am looking there, but what confuses me is the Standard View part. When I look at the choices for 1 bedroom club level those do not look like Standard Views to me. Also there isn’t any mention of a suite in the room type. I didn’t want to request something I wasn’t reserved for because I didn’t think that would work.


Is there a 1 bedroom savannah view CL option at Jambo?

I just looked- so you are going through DVC? I would look through that option and read any comments. I would also keep the text that asks for a room “that borders_______savannah”.


We booked through a Disney Travel agent and did a switch from our original reservation from Boardwalk to AKL so that’s why I’m not quite sure what we got. I attached a picture of the room choice, it doesn’t mention DVC but maybe so ¯_(ツ)_/¯. Thanks for taking a look.


I know it does not help but I have found there is often a disconnect between TPS room description on AKL and what AKL says. For example, if you look at enough of the rooms you will find notes on rooms that TP say are queen rooms, but they have bunk beds. AKL CL said they have “lots and lots of CL rooms with bunk beds”, TP notes one. AKL said they put me in a savannah view room (with no animals and an area fenced in) TP said it was a “garden view “.

I have found that AKL does try to meet Room requests. I would look at the views and room numbers and add your own text to your TP fax.


Will do. Thanks for helping me out.


We had a standard room reservation made with MVT at Wilderness Lodge. I requested a 5th or 6th floor room, NW facing in hopes of getting a view of the fireworks and looking above the view of the workers’ sheds/ parking lot. I used the standard TP fax request format but added a little personalized note about how it was our first time and how we were looking forward to our trip- saying thank you for considering our request. I did online check-in basically when it was available and we got the text with our room assignment while on the ME. They gave us a 1st floor accessible room with a patio, and a nature view with bunk beds, so an upgrade from what we had reserved. We loved the view of the little pond with the ducks, and got to watch the fireworks from our room, as hoped. So, it was way better than I had imagined! Thanks, TP for this and all the other services you provide.