It's alive! New automatic fax for Disney room requests

Thanks! Good to know!

I got a message this morning that said my request had been faxed successfully to the resort - thank you so much to the Touring Plans team!


Let us know which room you get, please. Good luck!

Will do for sure. Thank you!!

It’s been two weeks since this went live (I think). Just checking to see if anyone’s been yet? Did you get your room, or one of the others you listed in case it’s not available?

Lots of folks have reported success to me directly via email. We’ve had about 120 people use it since it went live. So far, not a single negative experience. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

Many folks have reported getting their exact room request. Two families have reported getting the room next door to their first choice, and their their third choice room. Nothing is guaranteed, of course, but again, this makes better odds for you.


That’s great, thanks, Len! Another question for you - I notice that the room I want is listed as the first “Example” in the subject line. Should I change the subject line to request the particular room and then list the others as other options if requested room is unavailable? Or should I leave it so that my requested from is the first example?


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Success! Checked in at POR tonight and received requested room which was submitted via new Lines feature. Thanks, Len!


Yessss! Thanks for the update @atlriseup! Have a great trip.

Yeah, try that @chiisai. Let me know how it goes. If it works better, we can update the code here. Good luck!

What room view photos do you want submitted? Front door or balcony?


If it’s a value or mod, it would be from the front door. If it’s a Deluxe/Villa, the balcony/patio. Granted those are just guesses but that’s what I use for my choice of view.

Thanks! I want to help fill in the gaps when possible.

Unfortunately, we may be the first non-success story. We didn’t even get assigned a room in the same building, not even close. They had us in a room near the pool and lobby which was the total opposite of what we requested. I’m not sure why they did this but of course I do understand that a request is not a guarantee! And that it’s great to even have this service from TP. That we are staying at a value resort may also be part of this.

which hotel are you at?

@Victoria83 - at which resort are you?

Ahhh, All-Star Sports. I see that. Did you make that reservation through Disney? The reservation number looks different than the ones I see.

Hey there! It really hasn’t been a problem. No big deal. The confirmation number is the one fro my MDE account, although I am not sure how exactly it was booked since someone else handled that.

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Does this work for Disneyland too? I don’t see where to view the Disneyland hotel rooms.

Not yet for Disneyland. But ask our guy, Guy, for room suggestions. He’s in Disneyland almost every day. guy at touringplans dot com.