It's alive! New automatic fax for Disney room requests

You can fill out your request any time between now and the day before you check in. We recommend doing it at least a week ahead though.


Just want to report back that we did get Tokelau. Very happy.

We did not get one of the very popular rooms I had noted, however, we did enjoy our location on the 2nd floor, facing TTC side, near the end close to the Tangeroa Terrace building, which meant very close to bus transportation and also the main building.

The only downside was that there was a dvc booth clearly outside on the path, which meant we got to hear a fair amount of greetings and various dvc chatting when on the balcony, but that would affect a bunch of rooms in that area so not really isolated to the room itself.

Thank you!

Ah, that’s good information. Do you recall the room number? I’ll write up something for that room and put it in the database.

Room 2934. I sent pics a few days ago, too. Really liked the closeness to bus area; would take that side toward Tangeroa again (and over a fireworks view, as you can see the fireworks from many many places).

Just a note on noise, as I’ve heard folks ask. I expect it was at or close to capacity, given we were there just before and during this week, but noise was not an issue, other than the occasional running in the hallway. I know we had neighbors on both sides. Also we could hear the boat (ferry?) horns, even with the sliding door shut, but it did not keep us awake. It’s a nice sound, too.


Successful again with the room request fax! This time at POFQ. Same building and floor requested, just an upgraded view :slight_smile: Thanks!


Room request fax not successful, but happy with room anyway.

Bought standard bunk beds room at AKL. Tried to get one of those partial savanna view rooms using the verbiage provided in the room view page. My fax read as follows:

" Thank you for your efforts to make our stay comfortable and enjoyable. We are most interested in room 3230, but if that room is unavailable we would like a room in Jambo, on Flr 3,W-facing Example: 3230,3228,3232,3226,3234,3236,3281,3282,3283. Bunk beds are our top priority, otherwise 3rd floor near lobby would be perfect".

We got room 2033. When I got the room-ready text I was so deflated. We got 2nd floor, away from lobby, parking lot view. It was like they gave us the very opposite of what we requested.

I was relieved to find the room had bunk beds. We gave them the benefit of the doubt and figured the bunk bed was our top priority so this must be what was available in our booked category with a bunk bed.

Turns out, we have a new favorite room when booking a non-savanna view room. The next best thing would be 2034 which is a pool view across the hall.

This room is fantastic for those using Disney transportation and who want to be near the pool and Mara! Right next door to our room is an exit which puts you at the very end of the path to bus transportation. It requires a room key/magic band for entry and nobody uses it. We thought maybe it would be loud with buses coming and going and people using the path but we rarely heard either and when we did it was brief and did not disrupt us in any way.

Speaking of quiet, this room is at the end of the hallway and we never heard a single person and saw only a few on our floor in our 8 nights. The pool is just one floor down and not more than a few steps away, and the Mara is super close too. Animal viewing is not far either, since the Uzima savanna is just across the pool area. We saw a lot of animals from there and did some night vision goggles there too. It is an ideal location.

Drawbacks to this room? The balcony is basically unusable, unless you want to be on display to those using transportation. It has a weird push-door and not a slider, I am assuming because it is accessible from that path and the push door provides better security than a slider would. The other main drawback is since you are so close to everything you NEED you rarely have reason to go into the lobby, and lets face it the lobby of AKL is ah-mazing.

If we pay for a savanna view in the future we will make other requests, but if we are paying for standard or pool, 2033 or 2034 will be our requests.

So in the end, while I would call this a room request fail - we did get the opposite of everything we asked for except bunk beds - it helped us experience a room type we never would have found appealing “on paper”. So thanks for that :wink:


I just looked and I think the room finder says this room has two queen beds. Maybe you can add a note to the finder? I checked because after my stay and the problems I had the room finder said there was only one CL room with bunk beds and I was wondering if that was true. Maybe they change or people report them wrong?

I emailed with photos and room info. I will go in and make a note as well. I’m also sending you a PM

I have made the notation about the beds in a User Comment on the room view page. I also want to note that the room finder says there is no connecting room; this is not true - the room absolutely connects to 2035. I was upset about this initially as I had specifically stated PLEASE NO CONNECTING ROOMS. That being said, we know there were guests in that room based on dinner trays and Tragical Express notice, but we never heard them, which was a huge relief.

These are good comments for the room finder database. Mind if I put them in?

Please feel free! :slight_smile:

We just got back from our first trip to Disney World and had great success with the room request fax. Thank you so much!! We had 2 rooms at the Polynesian. One for my family and one for my parents. I made a lot of requests and crossed my fingers! We requested Somoa, 3rd floor, connecting or adjoining rooms, and ideally West facing. We ended up with Somoa, 2nd floor West facing and connecting rooms, 2607 and 2606. It was wonderful! The view shown in the room finder is accurate. The room was extremely close to everything, which is why we requested Somoa. I did note in my comments on the room finder that 2607 and 2606 are connecting. The room finder says they are not. Everything else was accurate. This room does get some mid-day noise from the pool, but I expected that going into it. I did not notice any noise at night despite the pool being open late. It was 1 minute walk to the pool, to the beach to watch the fireworks, to the restaurants and the lobby. We wanted third floor for the balcony, but with all the various things I requested, I couldn’t have been happier that so many of my requests were granted. Thanks again!


We just got back from our stay at Port Orleans Riverside (4/28/17 - 5/7/17). This was our first time using the fax room request. We paid for a standard view.

What we requested: Magnolia Bend section, Magnolia Terrace (Building 85), 2nd floor, connecting rooms (with a door). I requested 8799 and my sister requested 8800, which are connecting.

What we got: Magnolia Bend section, Acadian House (Building 80), 2nd floor, adjoining rooms (no door), rooms 8233 and 8232.

Overall I call this one a win and I’m happy with what we got. The rooms were in the right section and floor but a building further away from the pool and lobby. This wouldn’t have been so bad if we weren’t so far to the edge of the building, right next to the Alligator Bayou section. These buildings are huge! However, we did get an upgrade to a garden view (no parking lot!) without asking and my room was ready by 10:00 a.m. I happened to be at the front desk asking about something else when the room ready text came in so I asked about connecting rooms and was told they had several large groups staying there and they got most of those.

Thank you for providing this service!


Just got back from our trip to the Polynesian. We requested 3914 and got 3903. Very close! Thanks for this feature! I took plenty of pics and will send them in.

Thanks @biancaperezz ! 3914 seems to be a very popular room at the Poly. I hope the rest of your stay went well.

Nevermind…it sent this morning!

@len I’ve had a super busy weekend (high school teacher of seniors, graduation, awards for kids, soccer, soccer team party, etc.). I sat down yesterday to configure my fax knowing that the fax would be sent today (5 days ahead of our Friday check-in). Well, I accidentally deleted it and was called away to tend to the kids and forgot to come back and redo it. I configured it this morning. Will it still be sent? If it won’t, I’ll be sure to call the resort to add my requests myself.

Thank you for your time!

Third fax (second for AS Music) and still not the room requested. Each room we received was great, though. This last request was for Broadway 7538, and we got Rock Inn 3633. Quiet was the numero uno for me. This room was definitely quiet. The only issue we had (and nothing to do with Touring plans) was failure on the resort end to notify us when our room was ready. They notified me in the morning that it was not ready, but we waited and waited to hear back. At 5PM, having been up since 3 AM, temps in the lower 90’s, and in no mood to wait any longer, we decided to go sit in the lobby of the hotel until a room was ready. On reaching the online check-in desk, the CS person said that it had been ready for hours!. Unfortunately for us, with no afternoon break, we were too wiped out to return to the parks in the evening which is the main reason we locals choose to stay on property a few times a year.

Webmaster is telling me I must take the last night of trip for a split stay in order to use the room request feature. I didn’t have to do this last year. I have 2 trips in TP.

I’m too freaked to take off last night of 1st hotel. I’m afraid they’ll not request my room view for the last night of my 1st hotel trip.

I’m checking out of BRV on a Sun & checking into Poly later that day. Room view request is in the system for BRV. I can’t get a room view request for the Poly.


Have you set up your Poly stay as a separate resort stay on your dashboard even if it is only one day? Each stay should begin on check in day so that there are not any overlaps?