It's a Small World Still Aug / Sept Refurb?

Touring Plans shows It’s a Small World as in refurb dates of August 22, 2016 to September 15, 2016
I can’t seem to find this information anywhere else online - this falls during the time I’m going and it’s a must see for me. I can’t update my plan b/c TP has it blocked. Just trying to confirm if this really is the case and that it is in refurb. I thought I read that it was initially planned for these dates but then was dropped from the schedule. Any updated info???

This site says that the refurbishment at one point was scheduled, but has not shown up on any newer schedules released:

Dr. Disney

I guess I will know for sure 60 days out when I do my FP selections - for now TP wont’ let me add it to my plans.

I checked around last night. I thought it was small world too but now I see things telling me that TMRR will be down in the fall and I see no mention of small world anymore. I wonder if they changed things?

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^^ What @sally3311 said. I also cannot find any word of this refurb anywhere. Perhaps @len can look into this for you?

Oo - I do hope this is correct. This would partially make up for BTMR being closed when we are there…

I’ll check.

Disney’s website stops giving hours for IASW on August 22, while it gives hours for other attractions for that day and beyond. I’ll keep checking around, but that seems to indicate it’s not going to be open.


Thanks for looking into this for us :slight_smile: You’re always very responsive!

Thank you for looking into this - sounds like it will not be open - sigh