Itinerary advice please 21 days in Orlando (14 in WDW) -

Wondering if anyone can provide advice on our 21 day itinerary (14 days in WDW)?

We are flying from the UK for our “one in a lifetime” family WDW holiday – 21 days in August 18. 3 girls aged 8, 11 and 13.

We are starting with 14 days WDW, then 2 days outside the parks, then 4 days Universal. Fly home on the 21st day (evening), having had a slow recovery day that day.

That’s the broad plan (itinerary below), but looking for help in planning the 14 WDW days.

We are staying the initial 5 nights in Port Orleans riverside, so will have access on those days to EMH, and aware that jet lag means we will probably be up early, thought we should use the EMH and hit the parks hard for those first days (using the 1 day Tween touring plans), then slow down after that. 1 day in each water park to break it up, that means we could have 3 days total in each park…. Or would you advise otherwise?

We then move to a villa over in Windsor Palms resort until the 28th when we check into the US hotel.

FP+ opens in about a month (at least for the days we are in the resort), so wanting to get the plans in place before that.


  1. Are we able to have a very early check out on the 16th to still allow us to hit Epcot early, but ask the hotel to store our bags until later in the day when we can pick up and then check into the villa?
  2. Anyone know about US hotels – similar Q to above – even if check-in is 4pm, could we get there early and leave bags at hotel until check-in later that day?
  3. Any recommendations on the park splits if not 3 days/park?
  4. I’m planning on the second week being later starts and evenings as we adjust to local time, after the first 5 days being early start. Sensible?
  5. We get Quick Service meal plans free for the first 5 days – any recommendations if we want to eat healthily?
  6. Plan for rest of time in WDW is to eat big breakfasts at the villa and take packed lunches. If we wanted 1 “big” evening meal with Character etc what would people recommend?
  7. Touring Plans. If we used the 1 day Tween plans to hit the main/best things each park in the initial 5 days, for the 2nd and 3rd visit to that park, do you think re-hitting the main rides then filling in with the other lesser attractions the best course? Just thinking about the FP+ bookings mainly, as we can obviously adjust the Touring plans as we find what the kids like on their first day in each park.
  8. For the first 5 days, trying to use the EMH, we actually have a second Hollywood Studios day straight away. Any problem with this given the new Toy Story land will probably be an attraction?
  9. Does anyone have any touring plans that they can share that would be suitable for multi-day-per-park breakdowns?
  10. While we are in the villa, we were planning on Uber/Minnie van rather than hiring a car (saves $, and gets you closer to entrances). Anyone have any experience of this approach?
  11. Does anyone have a 4 day US touring plan they can share?

Thanks in advance

Sounds like an amazing trip. I don’t think I can answer everything, but I can answer some.

  1. If everything is link to a credit card, you do not need to “check out” of a Disney resort. Just bring your bahpgs to bell services in the morning and go to the park.

  2. Satu’li Canteen ( bowls), Tangierine Cafe

  3. Minnie Vans are only available at a Disney resort but I have used Uber/Lyft exclusively on trips and it is a dependable way to travel.

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  1. Littlest is 122cm (and growing so might be a bit bigger come august!) - I think that qualifies her for all rides from my research, but are there any I have missed she will be too small for?
  2. FP+: 60 days window opens for the 5 nights we are staying in resort, but we have 14 day ultimate tickets - does the FP+ system recognise this and revert to 30 days from the day we check out of resort?

It sounds great! My only suggestion is to be prepared to drop some days from the parks if fatigue sets in (and it will!).
We have been for 21 days in August for the last few years (14 days for Disney, 7 for other parks or downtime) and have learnt that you can’t keep up the pace for the whole 3 weeks, even if you do shorter days. Even water parks can be exhausting in the August heat. Having 3 days of activity and then 1 quieter day worked best for us.

For specific questions:
-1. The hotel will be happy to store your bags for the day.
-4. Your plan sounds good, rope drop is easy in the first week with jet lag. It can take longer than you expect to be properly awake at night. Using the MK pm EMH on day 5 might be a struggle.
-6. DD is similar age to your kids and always says Garden Grill is her favourite character meal.
-13. You should be able to book rest of FP+ at 60 days but only one day at a time for the remainder of your tickets.

In looking at your grid, the one question that comes to mind is why you are not considering using AM EMH at AK for Pandora. Since that one day is your only opportunity to do so, I would most definitely do that, more than doing two AM EMH days at HS (which I assume you would use to target TSL). I think that even with TSL HS will remain a single day park for now, but even if you wanted to do two days I would think about doing the back half of the day there and finishing with Fantasmic. That also might help you to stay up later that night, and sleep in later the next day (15/08) so that you can really utilize MK PMH to the fullest.

Consider that on check out day you’ll need to leave your bags at bell services before heading to Epcot. This will mean a very early morning in order to do so and then get to EP for AM EMH. I think that’s a good plan, just need to put that on your radar. You’re unlikely to return to Port Orleans before the 11am checkout.

I like the placement of your WP days in general. I think they arrive in a great place to break up your trip and provide a rest kind of day. My other thought would be to do this:

  • 12/08 - HS AM EMH

  • 13/08 - AK with AM EMH

  • 14/08 - EP with PM EMH — I think you’ll find PM EMH are as helpful here as AM EMH

  • 15/08 - MK with PM EMH — consider later start after PM EMH the night before

  • 16/08 - transition day - WP - sleep in, pack, put bags at bell services, head to WP, then to villa.

This puts your WP day a bit earlier, uses EMH at each of the parks before your move to offsite. I think you’ll be ready for that slower WP day by then.

Then do your second HS day on 17/08 since you would be doing the back half of the day with Fantasmic if you took my advice :wink:

Once offsite I think your plans are good. I just would hate to see you not utilize AK EMH as they are extremely helpful in experiencing both Pandora attractions with little to no wait.

I used my handy dandy “convert cm to inches” tool on google and that equates to 48 inches so the Littlest will be fine and should qualify for all WDW rides I believe. Cannot speak to UOR

The question about FPP always trips me up. I’ll leave that to someone else.

Can you flip your MK and AK days? I do not think you will be able to get a FoP FP with your current plan.

But doing that means OP will not take advantage of EMH on either day.

We got FOP for late afternoon on day 3 on our April trip.

That is why I hop…

Yeah. Hopping works for a lot of people. I prefer to compartmentalize my days when I’m with family. When I’m solo or meeting with friends, hopping is actually preferred :wink:

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TSL may impact FoP FPs?

Do you think so? I would think it would draw people AWAY from AK

Yes, that’s what I meant. I could not get FoP on day 3. I think it depends on the time of year. I think maybe day 2 or 3 could be available more often.

Oh I see what you’re saying. What was your CL on day 3? It turned out to be a 4 for us. It’s predicted to be an 8 on OPs day 3 so that may be a factor that might make it tough to get.

If OP has hoppers your suggestion would work

Your 60 FPP window will open and you will be able to book FPP for all days of your Disney Resort stay (including check in and check out days) So, if you are staying 5 nights, then you should be able to book 6 days of FPP.

You will then have a “rolling” 60 FPP window for each of your additional days. So, no, you shouldn’t have a 30 day window, but you will have to make additional FPP 60 days ahead of each additional day. So, having to get online each day to make FPP for your 8 additional days.

@profmatt just did this and he may be kind enough to weigh in if I have something wrong…


Sorry, on the list the 13/8 is EMH at AK- make a difference? TBH I would not want to hop with family if possible, and given we have 14 days think 1/day and 3 vista per park works for us. So aim for rope drop on 13th to try to get to FOP? Are you guys saying it’s near impossible to get FP+ on FOP even at 60 days in advance?

It is pretty tough to get FPP at 60 days. I just made my FPP for june, and at 60 days - no FPP.

However, 60+3 or 60+ 4 are usually pretty available. So, I might plan to get FPP for FoP in your first group, while staying on property. Plan your AK day for your 3rd day or later, and you should be able to get them no problem.

Edited to say: It looks like you have AK scheduled for day 3 - so you should be fine. I might switch HS and AK if you want more varied availability, so that your AK day is one day further out, but you should be ok.


Difficult, not impossible.

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It may be impossible to get FoP at day 60. Often, when hours change around the 15th of the month before your trip, additional fast passes are loaded into the system. You need to be aware of the day the hours are adjusted and watch for the additional fast passes within 1-3 days.