It wasn't that long ago that my park dates were about 500 days away

Now, Sunday will be my 180 day. I get to make my one meal reservation. We are going to do PPO at BOG. We haven’t told my daughters about the trip, but I they got out their CRT wand and I brought it up. They said they didn;t remember eating there but one of my daughters said she wanted to eat “The Grey Stuff” again. Good thing, because that’s what we are going there to eat! I am so excited!


The excitement it real! I just got back a few weeks ago. I’m now at approximately 900 days until I go back and I’m already trying to plan it again.

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356 days and 561 days for the two trips we have planned in 2020. First trip is fully financed, and second trip will be fully financed by about September of this year. So, for now, it is just the waiting game.



My trip is fully financed now except for the Disney Fine Art photography session at Wilderness Lodge. I have a gift card to pay or meals and souvenirs, etc. for most of the 8 days we will be in the parks. I should be able to make it through at least 5 or 6, but would think I could make it through all of it if it wasn’t for those delicious Cronuts and Dole Whips that I plan on gorging myself on.

I’m waiting for the 50th + I share my Bday with Walt in December. My DW is giving me this as a solo trip since we’ll be “empty-nesters” by then and she can’t keep up with me. I’ve always wanted to go for my birthday, but having kids in school & etc… made it too hard. Also, I want to make sure Tron is open - “fall” 2021 - along with other 2020 / 2021 projects. Ughhh… I try not to think about the number of days. :wink:

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One problem with that is, by the time Tron is open, they will have announced their NEXT project you’ll not want to miss! I’d love to do Tron. But rather than postpone our trip, we’ll just have to be content with what is there now…and THEN maybe plan a trip a couple more years out. (My wife, actually, proposed we do a trip, just the two of us, that includes at least one or two nights at the upcoming Star Wars themed hotel!)

For now, I’m focused squarely on our May 2020 family trip and December 2020 25th Anniversary trip. :slight_smile:


I could go sooner, but 2021 is where the stars align for me trip-wise. I know it’s heresy to say out loud, but I’m far more looking forward to Tron than all of SWGE. I like SW movies, but not as much as other people. I have seen them all, but don’t own any merch or etc… (I never even had the toys as a kid and I was born in the early 70s.! lol! )

However, I’ve been I’ve been dreaming to ride the Tron coaster ever since it opened in China. This is years of waiting coming to an end. I just wish they’d turn all of Tomorrowland into that Tron style neon (with a bit of Bladerunner mixed in!)

I know SWGE is going to blow my mind and be magical, but Tron is where my heart is. (Plus, I’ll get to see them both!)

I get that. Years ago, I had conceived an entire plot line for a Tron sequel (before Disney made one) that involved an “evil” virus being set loose over the internet, and a Tron 2.0 has to track down and defeat the virus because everyone in the real world seemed to be unable to stop it.

Oh well. I suppose Disney’s story worked, as well. I’m waiting for Tron 3, though, based on how they ended the second movie!

But I agree with you that a Tron overlay to all of Tomorrowland would be sweet. (There are rumors hinting at that as a possibility.)

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