It’s Starting to Feel Real!

Got our first set of Magic Bands in today! Last trip they didn’t make it to us and we had to pick them up at the resort.


Well, now I know what the box will look like! On our last trip in 2015 it was the Incredibles.


So exciting!!


My second set is on its way. Should get them by the 29th!


I don’t even remember what the box looked like for my last trip.

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I had the option to get 2 sets for my upcoming trip but with my indecision about what shirt/hat combo to wear depending on the park day, a 2nd color of Magic Bands might make my brain explode!

Because I’m such a HUGE pack rat, I still have that box from 2015.


LOL! My DH and DD16 had a hard time picking a color for our first stay (we had already chosen for the second part). As you see, they both went with gray for these. DH actually changed his from green to gray so that he could take the puck out and put it on the holder he made, since they free ones don’t come in white.


Even more exciting!! Another set of magic bands–that’s fun.


Disney is too mean to send UK peeps their MBs.

I have more MBs than it is reasonable for one person to have. My first was a Mickey Mouse one, which I bought on eBay ahead of my first trip. But this year I went nuts. I had (and cancelled) a leading reservation but got the MB. Then I had two nights at different resorts on property, so two more. (So I have red, purple, orange.) Then I bought a D&B MB, which is cream-coloured.

And next month I get another one! I went for red again.


You can’t have too many Magic Bands!

I keep a few as spares for each of us in our Owners Locker, and I also have one Pandora limited edition, two MNSSHP, a F&WF and a DVC one. If the F&GF ones are nice this year I suspect I’ll be adding to my collection. And then there’s F&WF and MNSSHP again in October… DH can’t even tell me off since he’s just as bad! :rofl:


Just a word of caution! I had so many on my account (probably over 20) and it started messing up things - like my last 3 stays I had trouble opening our room door because I had so many - they had to reprogram at the front desk each time. And then there was the time I had no charging privileges. I was really good about deactivating them, but apparently that wasn’t enough. I had to call in a few weeks ago and had them delete all but 3 (because of course I just bought a new cute one in Epcot last month with Disney snacks and have another stay coming up next week with another band!). So keep going, but if things start to go wonky, check the number of bands on your account!

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Thanks, I do delete any which are not used but I suspect I’m getting close to the limit. Just checked and I have ten active ones, DD has nine and DH eight. Think I’ll do a bit of housekeeping in May, when I can check the numbers of the ones we store there… :slight_smile:

Can you have too many? Is that a thing? It’s great for accessorizing! We haven’t actually purchased any, but have come close.

That’s a great idea to keep them in your locker!

I heard that was a thing. I don’t know that I’ll ever have that many, but who knows. So you have to get GS to remove them?

I had to call their Customer Service line and they put me through to IT who had to do it!

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What is that?! How do you check to see if they are still active?

I had the same problem. Too many bands in the system. I could always enter the park with any of the MBs but I couldn’t open our room doors.

I only count 5 plus the new one for your December trip. That isn’t bad at all! I have probably 15 or 20, now that qualifies as more than is reasonable for one person. :wink: Glad to see you went ahead with the Christmas trip and that is has lifted your mood. I leave a week from tomorrow and am so excited for all the Christmas stuff.


Yay! Got our second set today along with our luggage tags & magical extras card!!!

24 more days!!!