It’s over, I’m now a believer

Got back from my 5 day trip on Friday. My trip was as good as my plans, and my plans were only as good as my resources. Touring Plans, you guys are Rock Stars. The only thing my TA did, was recommend me to your awesome community. All my plans, restaurant choices, were a result of the info I received here. I was very skeptical about dropping 8k on a family vacation and w/o your advice, it wouldn’t have been magical. Kids smiling, crowd dodging, minimal line waiting, all by of you. I’m in a bit of a depression now, but I plan to return for the 50 yr anniversary in two years. Until then, thank you Touring Plans! Couldn’t have done it without you!


Don’t tell anyone else, it’s a secret! If everyone learns all the tricks we’ll have to wait in lines.




Awesome. I hope you’ll stick around the community. 2 years comes up really quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be starting the planning all over again.

He already is planning. Said he’s going back in 2 years.:laughing: