It looks like I need to stay at the Poly

We had an amazing family trip to WDW in 2019, had “the perfect trip” all planned for the first week of May in 2020, that didn’t happen, and now I’m planning a trip for May 2022 - it all depends on our group being vaccinated, but that is my target date.

I have had about 1,000 different plans for this trip. It was originally just my family of 4, but then I decided I wanted to take my sister and my young nephews. COVID made me realize there is no sense in delaying things you really want to do, you never know what’s around the corner - do the things that make you happy.
So now I’m planning a trip for 9!

Our first visit we stayed at Wilderness Lodge, and our second trip was supposed to be at the Boardwalk. I originally planned to rent DVC points for the 2022 trip, but with all of the uncertainty with COVID, I didn’t want to risk having my money tied up in credits if we ended up needing to cancel or reschedule. Then I started planning a split stay at the Contemporary (I like the location) and then BWI.

I have never considered the Poly, because the photos on Disney’s website made it look like a drab, brown 70’s resort, and @mousematt 's review of his stay there a few years ago did not help to change my impression.
Last night I was busily researching dinner at Ohana (because what else can you do when you have 483 days left) and came across some reviews of the Poly and reports of renovations and that there will be a Moana theme incorporated. The updated room photos on the Disney website are so beautiful. DD 7’s first Disney movie was Moana, the whole family are fans and now I feel like I need to stay at the Poly. I’m crazy excited to see pictures and read reviews when renovations are done. I just wanted to share with people who would “get it”.

Here’s a fun picture of DD7 and DH as Moana and Maui for Halloween 3 years ago.


We stayed at Poly for our first trip in 2017 (DVC studios on rented points) and loved it!


This makes me so happy to hear, and is exactly the right kind of enabling I was looking for :laughing:


We’re also planning on taking my sister-in-law and her 2 kids in a couple years, so I’m interested in how your planning goes!

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Spoken as a true Liner. :joy::joy::joy:

And that photo is just gorgeous. I don’t know why but it just resonated with me instantly.

I have never stayed there but would love to (when I can go at a time when my DVC points will stretch further).

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Haha, it’s hard not to be planning or researching something once you decide to take another trip. :sunglasses:

We stayed at the Poly for our first family trip to Disney back in 2019 and I’m afraid we’ll never be able to live up to that experience again. It was truly magical. I daydream pretty much daily about returning, especially now that they are making it even more magical. We love Moana, too. I can’t wait to see pictures of the finished renovations. :heart_eyes:

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We stayed at the Poly our first trip And I’m having trouble booking a different resort. We loved it! Combined with the renovation I think it will be great!


You are both getting me so excited about this trip! :heart_eyes:

I am planning an 8 night trip and was still planning to have a split stay with the last 4 nights at the Boardwalk so that we can walk to Epcot and Hollywood Studios, now I wonder if I should rethink that plan…

Well that is a dream of mine but DH hasn’t gotten on board with a split stay… one good thing is with Poly TTC walkable so Epcot is easy. When the monorails are back!

Honestly what I loved about the poly it feels like a whole different vacation when you relax at the resort!

Because this is obviously important…I LOVE the scent of the Poly. it’s so tropical and delicious. :laughing: The one trip I took as a kid to WDW we stayed at the Poly so it has nostalgic feels for me. We’ve stayed there twice with our kids and love it. The pool area is great and the location is fantastic. So many delicious food options within walking distance (or a monorail ride to the Contemporary) AND you can walk to MK from there now!! I also love the beach. It’s a great spot to sit and watch the fireworks (when they return).

The one downside I could see for you group is if you did decide to rent DVC and wanted a 2 bedroom villa they don’t really have that as an option unless you want to blow all the money on a bungalow.


We had a trip booked for the end of April 2020 and are rescheduling for April 2022. Our original trip was booked at Boulder Ridge Villas at WL. I recently saw that BRV may be undergoing construction in 2022 so we were considering Poly. Then I remembered how excited I was to stay at WL. Now…I see your post. Haha!!! I have until May to decide, but I honestly don’t know which to choose!! We have DVC credit (because that’s how we originally booked). We would only have to pay like $200 more to stay at BRV but $700 more for Poly. Not a deal breaker, but something to think about.

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In the same boat. Always stayed at the Poly or campgrounds when I was a kid (there wasn’t a lot of options!) so I’m excited to stay at the Poly in April 2022 (50th Anniversary of my first trip).

Any idea when room only reservations will open?

I am working with a TA and asked if we could book room only reservations at 499 days out like we used to, and she said Disney is not allowing that this year. She said the packages would be available in the summer (sometime in the May - August timeframe) she did not know when room only would be available.


I can’t recommend the Poly enough… had a DVC Studio on the first floor of Moorea… castle view, nice little lawn outside our patio… and close enough to walk to TTC for transportation to EPCOT or MK

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That sounds so amazing! I am beyond excited to stay there!


close enough to walk to TTC for transportation to EPCOT or MK

I’ve heard other people say they walked to the TTC for the monorail, but isn’t there a monorail station at the Poly? What is the secret that I don’t know about walking to the TTC? I have never ridden the monorail, so sorry if this sounds like a stupid question.

From the Poly to Epcot, you have to change monorails at the TTC. Since the TTC is walkable, you can just go there to take the monorail to Epcot and save a step.

The Poly monorail station is under construction so you have to walk either to GF or TTC.

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I see, thank you both!

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