Issues with Reservation Search?

Anyone else having problems searching for reservations on Disney’s website? Just keeps returning with an error

They are overloaded at the moment and in fact the reservations system will shut down tonight until Tuesday I believe.

Try again after Irma has her way with FL :confused:

I’ve been having this problem for over a week. searching in the MDE app works fine, but on the website it keeps returning an error.

Clear your cookies? That has helped in the past

Here is the information right from Disney’s Website about this.

Also when looking at making a dining reservation, this is the message at the top of the page:

September 9, 2017

New dine reservations for September 10 and 11 are not available at this time as we monitor progress of Hurricane Irma. Effective immediately we will not be enforcing dine reservation cancelation policies so no need to cancel dine reservations through Monday September 11th.

Restaurants are open as normal today.

I hope this helps.