Issues with ADRs at Hotel restaurants?

Good morning everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster.

Today’s my first day with a leading reservation to book ADRs. We’re staying at the Polynesian 1/28-2/3 and since we land around 9:45, i was planning to book Kona Cafe for lunch before we head to MK.

For some reason, I’m not able to book a reservation at anytime for the entire day on the 28th. Since I’m technically at the 70 day mark, this made no sense to me. Does anyone know if there’s something happening that day or should I just check again tomorrow? (This wasn’t a reservation i was terribly worried about so in theory i know it could be available at a later date. Just seems weird!)

I think your thought is correct—it will open later. This seems to happen randomly all the time. Keep checking and good luck!

Oh weird. We land on 1/27 and booked for lunch at Kona with our leading reservation yesterday (60+10) without issue so it was loading correctly until then. Hopefully just a blip but that is annoying!

So changed the topic of this thread because I’m now still having the same issue with Topolinos and this one i do care about! Have had no issue booking my ADRs in parks each day, but still seeing no availability for ADRs at restaurants within hotels (Kona and now Topolinos) for any day of our trip. I can book 1/27 (when i wont be there) but not 1/28, 1/29 or 1/30. Is anyone else having this issue or run into this before?

EDITED: I see you’re using a leading res. Disregard.

Oop. Spoke too soon.
Running into this for 1/30 ‘Ohana now (I only see it loaded through 1/27). I too will keep checking and hopefully it will come up soon.
I’m sorry you are missing Topo also but that is somewhat reassuring that it is just a resort restaurant loading issue and not a specific closure at the Poly for example.

I know it’s strange! I did a search just for a general breakfast reservation this morning for January 30 and the availability was very limited. Most restaurants showed no availability. It feels like there’s a general system issue. I keep checking every few hours because I know it’s got to be an issue on the back end. I’ll keep you posted if anything goes through!

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Just wanted to let you know I’ve been doing some digging and this seems to be an ongoing issue. Apparently they’re not releasing reservations for every restaurant at 60+10. For random restaurants, they’ll wait a few weeks and then all of the sudden release weeks worth of reservations at a time. So Topolino’s for me could become available some time next week and Ohana for you could become available in 2 weeks. You kind of have to just keep checking, which is super annoying! I saw in another forum that there was a week or so where people were unable to make any reservations within HS for mid-January dates. So I guess we just have to keep stalking and randomly checking. Sigh…

FWIW I’m having similar issues. Made a leading hotel res to pick at 60+10 for the week of 1/22. The last day H&V has had anything loaded in the system seems to be 1/13. There have been no Fantasmic dining packages loaded for all of January. And no Grand Floridian cafe for 1/28 (can’t tell me that one is all gone!). HS in particular seems to be very lacking - only Ogas has been showing up for any time of day. Was hoping to avoid the constant checking for ADRs with a leading but alas… here I go again!

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Finally got ‘Ohana for that weekend and looks like the rest of the resort restaurants loaded as well for anyone still trying to complete their plans.

ETA: the HS restaurants are finally available for the weekend as well - I was starting to think they wouldn’t be until Fantasmic packages were out


Same! i was able to get my reservations this morning. I had set up alerts with Mouse Dining and woke up to messages that they were available. I wonder if this will continue to be a thing in the future. At least we both got what we were hoping for!