Issues Optimizing and Evaluating for MK

I reported this issue to the Webmaster yesterday, so they’re already aware of it. But I was just curious if anyone else is having a problem trying to optimize or evaluate their TPs for MK. I hadn’t noticed any comments about this from anyone else.

EP, DHS, AK all work fine, but when I try it for MK, they run for several minutes and then time-out and tell me to contact the Webmaster. It’s been happening yesterday and today. I’ve tried optimizing for different days and using different browsers, but they all have the same problem.

I’m hoping this will be fixed soon. My countdown is 7 days.

Can you share the plan? Maybe there is something about the setup that is confusing the Optimizer. The TP folks are usually quite quick about looking into these things and getting back to you, but I’ll tag @len just in case it got lost in the inbox.

I just tried them again, and everything is working now so I think we’re good.

It was strange because I had four TPs (two full days with full schedules and two partial days with very few attractions) for MK and these were all on separate days, but all of them would time-out. All of the other TPs I had for each of the other parks (5 in total) were working fine.

At any rate, whatever the Webmaster did must have worked. :smile: