Issues Linking Disney Springs Hotel Reservations to MDE?

Hello! I made reservations through Mouseavers at Hilton Doubletree DS for 5 nights in January last week. When trying to link the reservation number to MDE, I get an error message, saying it could take up to 72 hours before I’m able to link my reservation to my account. It’s been well over that amount of time. I called Disney and they said to wait longer. I came on here to inquire if anyone has had problems linking their good neighbor resort reservation numbers. Thanks!

Not that experience in particular, but we have had other trouble with one of our reservations in the last few days on MDE with magical express info and park ticket info disappearing/being incorrect. The site has been very buggy for me in general, so I’d try calling back and asking them if they can add the reservation to your account for you.

We had the same experience linking our reservation at the Disney Springs Hilton Palace to our MDE account as well. I had to call the hotel and Disney and complain. After a day or so of back and forth it was linked. Hang in there!

Ok. Thank you!

What reservation number are you using to link? I had one reservation number from Undercover tourist, but that number didn’t work with MDE. Calling the hotel I received a “Disney reservation number”. 2 other groups of friends that made reservations using other providers also had to do the same thing. Undercover tourist customer support insisted the number they gave should work, but it didn’t.

The number came directly from Doubletree and after calling, they said it should work. SMH

I had no trouble linking my DoubleTree or Hilton at Bonnet Creek reservation in MDE.

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@snowLuvsHer4 Dont worry we had the same issue. We booked the Waldorf Astoria and it took over a week for our reservation number to link with MDE. As long as your are not in the 60 day FP+ window you should be fine.

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Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll wait a bit longer!

I’ve had the same trouble with the Disney Springs hotels. The Priceline reservation I had for Best Western wouldn’t link for at least a week. Once I finally got it linked, as luck would have it I found it for a lower price on Priceline, so I cancelled that reservation and booked the cheaper one. Currently the new reservation won’t link, but the old reservation is still showing up on MDE 5 days after I cancelled. Apparently the whole system is just slooooow to catch up.

That’s exactly what’s going on! My original hotel reservation linked after the 72 hour window, but when I canceled that reservation after re-booking with mousesavers, it’s still not linking. I’ll keep trying…every day… good luck to you :slight_smile:

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In case you still Have an issue…

My resort reservation for the Hilton at Bonnet Creek is on MDE. But it had unlinked my family AGAIN and this time, it wouldn’t let me reconnect on MDE. Liners say it can resolve itself. It’s been weeks. CM said I would still be able to make 60 day FPP for everyone, even if my family is not specifically linked by name. CM reconnected while on the phone with me.

I just got off the phone. The wait was less than 2 minutes. She fixed it within a few minutes. Disney IT: 407-939-7765. You will need your reservation number, if the reservation doesn’t already show up in MDE.

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