Issues changing room-only reservation

A while back I booked BC for 8 nights (4/19 to 4/27) because we weren’t sure which days we’d be travelling. We settled on 4/19-4/26 but now the Disney website won’t let me change my reservation to knock the last day off. It says “no availability” for my room type. So what gives? Can I not knock a day off? Do I have to call in and wait 90 minutes?

I think you need To call and they should Be able to.


You can call and make the change

Or you can wait a few days to see if it un-glitches.

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Yeah Disney started limiting shorter trips awhile back.

You’ll most likely be able to knock a day off if you call-especially for a stay of that length.

Disney’s main concern was limiting one or two nighters.

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This happened to me in January, I had booked CBR for 1/5-1/12 and then wanted to change it to 1/5-1/9, online showed no availability when I tried to do it myself. I called and was able to have it modified that way. The CM I spoke to had to put me on hold to speak to Guest Relations to help her, she was surprised this happened because there obviously was a room since I currently had it booked, but she was able to make the change for me through her separate phone call. It’s unfortunate to have to call since the wait times are awful right now, but once I did get through the change was easy to make.