Issue with Seven Dwarves Mine train Attraction Start Time

We checked our Touring Plan for MK today and noticed that our very first ride (November 16th) now has a 42 minute wait. This seems to reflect that the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride does not open until 9:00am, however MK has EMH’s on this day - something that both Touring Plans and the WDW website both reflect to be true. In addition, the WDW website shows that this ride opens at 8:00am. This is messing up the rest of our schedule for shows, parades, and fast passes. Am I reading something wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Allan & Julie Smith
Crosby, TX

I can’t see your plan - you have to choose to publish it in order for other people to see it.

It might actually have that wait, as there may be a line from people who have pre RD BOG reservations.

If you have a question about it, email the plan id to It may be wrong. They’ll take a look at it and tell you.

AS^^^said email webmaster its an easy fix. Someone else had same issue for a day in Feb recently.

Yes we had the issue with the day in February. I emailed and they fixed it within a few hours! It works perfect now!

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