Issue with minor's account on MDE

My husband made a “minor” account for our daughter three years ago. At that time he was somehow able to friend my account in such a way that I could make/modify plans for her. I’m going to WDW with my daughter, sister, and mom in March and would like them to be able to have the same ability for daughter. But, now he can’t figure out how to allow them the capability. When my mom tries to friend my husband/daughter it sends the request to her email address instead of his.
I’m sure we are just doing something wrong but just can’t figure out what it is.

When I was working to add someone onto my account as a friend/family and visa versa, I had to access the my Disney experience desktop version. I had pop up notifications that needed cleared in order to approve the sharing.


So in theory, you need to send a request from their accounts to her name with his email address. That should work.

However it has been glitchy for me on last trips, in which case I called Disney IT and they fixed it for me.

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Thanks! That’s what I’ve been trying. Glad to know I’m not missing something obvious. I’ll give them a call this weekend.