Issue with DLR Touring Plans

I’m running into a weird issue with my TPs for DLR. On the day in question, the park has EMH at 7:00 am. Instead of sending me to Space Mountain, Star Tours, or even Buzz Lightyear, it sends me to Tom Sawyer’s Island to wait for an hour for it to open.

I’ve optimized it several times, and it keeps coming up with the same results. I removed Tom Sawyer and re-optimized. Then it sent me to Big Thunder to wait for an hour to open.

I checked the times I have entered for the day and verified that I wanted to use the EMH, I recreated a new plan with the same attractions and meals, but nothing has seemed to help.

Can anyone see what I might be doing wrong?

Here’s the link:

I can’t figure out why it is doing that, but do know that the plan they generated is very strange. You will not need to visit the fast pass booths so early, those rides will be walk on. I never use the optimized plans, I use evaluate. That way you can put things in whatever order you like and then find out the wait times. If they don’t look good, move some things around. Personally for EMH at DL, we hit TL rides for the first 50 minutes, and then head over to AL for a second rope drop. 7am EMH’s are the best! So few people can get there at that hour, it will be an amazing morning for you!

Thanks for your advice. :grinning: I arranged things manually with all the TL attractions first and evaluated it. This seemed to take care of the problem.

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