ISO QUIET room: BC or BW?

BC club level lagoon view vs BW club level standard: which is quieter?

–hallway noise
–chance of connecting room
–noise from boardwalk
–thin walls?

Also, does anyone know if the BC CL refurb is done? Or will be by the end of May?


Some of the BWI club rooms are so far down the hall they don’t have much foot traffic at all, so those would be the quietest. I’d much prefer BC lagoon view club room, though. I love the view of BWI across the lagoon from BC. So pretty.

UPDATE for any other light sleepers: I’ve now stayed BW, BC, and YC, and found them to be similarly quiet IF you can get a room tucked down a corridor, preferably with no connecting room. The loudest was YC, but we were connected to a noisy family for a night. I’ve started having a fan delivered no matter where I stay; that does the trick! :slight_smile:

I just bring earplugs. Even the a/c kicking on bothers me.