Is watching the Festival of Fantasy outside Hall of Presidents a good idea?

Touring Plans suggests that watching the Festival of Fantasy Parade outside of the Hall of Presidents is one of the lesser crowded spots. We will be in the area right at that time, and were planning to watch there. Then, I read another blog that suggested that this spot will be as crowded as any other. For context we will be there on a 5 of 10 crowd day (Wednesday before Thanksgiving). Should I be worried about this spot and re-jigger my touring plan to be somewhere else? I am not keen to do that, since it took me forever to land on a good touring plan (I had to re-do it already when we got BOG lunch reservations), would prefer to leave it alone. Is there a 'best spot" in Frontierland to watch the parade, preferably where we can sit, even if on the curb.

I think that’s a great spot. We’ve stood closer to the Liberty Tree Tavern and it was great.

I guess there will be crowds everywhere but nothing like Main Street. I’d keep it as you have it now in your plans.

It’s a great parade. the floats are huge and tall so it isn’t critical that you be in the front row. Even a few people deep isn’t too concerning.

I think it depends on the time of year. I stood there one time and it was full, blinding sun!

Any time I watch a parade, it’s from the LS/FrL area. May still be crowded, but you can be sure that however crowded it is, MS will be worse. One of my favorite places is near the FrL/AL “walk-through”

Looks like tomorrow is your day! Please let us know how it worked out for you. I was hoping to do the same for our upcoming trip.