Is Walt Disney world going to close

I was just reading the Orlando paper alert in my email and one analyst form is thinking Walt Disney world is going to close. Has anyone heard anything else?

That’s someone predicting it’ll close not that it is. There is no plans at this time to shut WDW or UOR down.

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perhaps to increase readership, sensationalism. Could be true, but again, prediction from someone not working for WDW

FWIW the parks have not close for outbreaks in the past.


Nobody knows. And likely no one will know until Disney announces it.


To my knowledge, the NBA has never suspended a season, the NCAA has never played a tournament in empty areans, etc. This is unprecedented and nothing would surprise me at this point.


If you think of all the places that attract a large melting pot of visitors from around the world, WDW makes that list, probably very near the top. I have already had this discussion with others, and I fully expect this to happen at some point soon.


This is true, but the SEC tournament has been played before with only family as spectators. It was in 2008 and a tornado hit the Georgia Dome, forcing them to play in Alexander Memorial Coliseum, which is much smaller than The Georgia Dome. In fairness, they just said they would not let anyone in except family in lieu of a lottery to determine who got seats because they were going to have to turn people who previously had seats away.

But it was nothing like this.

I t is not out of the question. Shanghai and Hong Kong are closed. I am guessing Par is is soon to follow. i

Travel bans are also uncommon. so this might happen that Disney land and World will close. Only time will say for sure. But if I had to bet I would bet on a closure coming soon.

At this point CDC is telling people not to cruise, but Disney is still cruising. I imagine they will follow CDC advice - at least that is what they are saying regarding parks, and right now there are no travel restrictions that would restrict the parks.

No current plans, nothing official, but if you’re looking for fortune tellers, I think it will happen, yes. I’d predict a 2-week closure and either coordination between all Orlando-area parks for the start date or Florida takes it out of their hands and mandates closure.


Disneyland is closing from Saturday through the end of March.

Disney World probably isn’t far behind from a similar announcement.


I think they announce soon for a closure starting Sunday or Monday.

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I’m thinking they won’t until community spread is documented in Orlando. But sooner or later…


I’d be very nervous if I was there or had a trip starting in the next several days. Next week is a huge Spring Break week.

I believe it’s going to happen. This sucks

Yep, set to fly down a week from Saturday. We’re as good as screwed.

We start our drive to Florida tomorrow for a Sunday arrival. I’m hoping any closures hold off for a week, but who knows. It’s too late to cancel. If it is going to close I wish they’d make the announcement so we avoid a pointless 22 hour drive! :sleepy:


Ohhhh wow… I don’t know what I’d do!!! :frowning_face:

Unless something is announced tonight, we’re going to head out. Not much other choice! We’ll see what happens.