Is tonys town square restaurant good?

do you think it is wiser to have a reservation at tonys town square or just do counter service somewhere else? i have heard a lot of mixed reviews

Based on my personal experience there, if given the choice between quick service, and Tony’s, I would do quick service. The food wasn’t bad, but it was just “meh” in my opinion. Not something I would go out of my way for. But that’s just my opinion!

It’s OK. Nothing great, but the MK doesn’t really have any non-snack food that’s worth writing home about. The caprese salad is very well done, and the bread basket is also very good. The entrees are not bad. The atmosphere is kind of fun (especially if you like Lady and the Tramp). Not someplace to avoid, but it probably won’t be the highlight of your day either.

I’d much rather eat Pecos Bill’s new menu than Tony’s. I’d rather eat anywhere but there, actually.

I like Tony’s. The pasta primavera is pretty good, and the pistachio creme brulee is one of my favorite desserts on property. It’s not incredible, but it’s acceptable. For my family, it’s a tradition - we have to eat there on our last day at MK.


I realize I’m late to the party here - but I searched for posts about Tony’s because of a conversation DH and I were having about it. Used to be one of our go-to TS locations for MK but the past two trips have been very disappointing! It’s not bad, per se, but is definitely kind of “meh”.
On that note, can anyone confirm our suspicion that the menu has changed over the past 2-3 years? They used to have a meat (of some kind, can’t remember if it was pork, beef, lamb etc…lol) shank meal w/ mashed potatoes and green beans that DH loved but past two trips it wasn’t on the menu and neither was the kids Mickey shaped ravioli that they loved (we usually had one kid get spaghetti and the other get the ravioli and they split). We aren’t really interested in getting them the boring cheese or pepperoni pizza at TTS b/c those are offered EVERYWHERE at Disney. I myself have problems with dairy so couldn’t do anything really cheesy, and I was so disappointed in my spaghetti last year, it was incredibly blah. They said I could substitute the meatballs for Italian sausage, I thought that might be a little more exciting so I went with that. Well I didn’t ask (my fault), but assumed it was meatballs made from Italian sausage but it was spaghetti/sauce with a big sausage link plopped on top in the sausage casing and all. It was so unsatisfying lol.
Sorry if this came off as a rant…I love the location and ambiance of TTS, I just feel the menu has gone downhill/decreased in quality.

@haylekk, I agree! The last few times we’ve eaten there the food has been edible but unimpressive. My friend’s primavera was absolutely drowned in oil, and his soup had exactly one bean in it. The service was fantastic though, and we usually time our meals there to try and get a porch table to watch a parade so we’ll probably go back.