Is TiW Worth It?

DH and I are visiting WDW next week with another couple for 5 days, plus we’re visiting again in October with a large group (19 in total). This month we do not have the dining plan, in October we will. We are annual passholders, DVC members and have the disney visa. Is it worth it for us to get the TiW card with spouse card? Both trips will be during festival times if that matters. The TS we have for Jan all accept TiW - Flying Fish, The Edison, Olivia’s brunch, and Via Napoli. We haven’t discussed dining yet for the Oct trip, but TiW would only cover extras as we’ll be on the DP, and since an alcoholic drink is now included on the plan I think the extras will be minimal. What’s your money savings experience with TiW?

We have been regular users of TiW since 2014 and appreciate its benefits. However, it does have some limitations. If you haven’t already done so, read through the details on the Disney site.

Specifically, be aware that TiW covers the member and up to nine others on the same check. So one TiW member could not cover all 19 people in your traveling party. A second member of your party would need a membership to cover everyone. Be aware you can buy a spouse membership for less money when you buy yours.

Also, be sure you understand that an 18% gratuity is automatically added to every check when you use your TiW card. If you don’t normally tip that much, be sure to factor that into your calculations.

As for whether it’s ‘worth it’ only you can make that determination for sure, but since you’ll have DDP for your October trip, I’m skeptical you can make it pay off with just one 5-day trip.

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Thank you! I was thinking that a 5 day trip may not be enough to make the cost worth it.

We are also DVC and AP holders. I have bought TiW 2 different years and felt that we got alot of value, but we never get the dining plan. I think both those years, we had 3 trips, but we only had 2-4 people each time. We especially like that it can be used in lounges because DH and I frequently don’t get ADR’s and just order a full meal at the bar. If you have several adults that will drink a lot of alcohol with your meals, then it’s nice to have that extra 20% off with TiW that the DVC/AP discounts don’t have. Plus, we absolutely loved the free valet parking that comes with TiW because we like to eat at resorts and we always rent a car. (One potential hiccup: If you plan to eat at the bar of some restaurant and don’t have an ADR, then you might not be able to enter the resort to valet park. We’ve had that problem.)

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For you and your group YES!

TIW allows 20% (biggest discount of them all) on food AND liquor. Other discounts typically only apply to food.

You will make your money back in one or two meals max with a group that size (19), let alone the visit coming up sooner with the other couple.

Of course now I see you are on DP. It might be worth it to ditch DP and use the TiW discount instead.

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well this is true.

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That would be a great idea, except a large part of that group already rented DVC points and paid for the dining plan, so we’re stuck. If we do get it, I would get the spouse pass to cover the large party.

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Then it may not be worth it

Being able to use the discount in lounges is a big perk. especially for this upcoming adult only trip! I have 3 days to decide! :slight_smile:

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We had 5 adults in our party for 7 days. If I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t get TiW.

We dined at Raglan Road, Homecomin’, Skippers’ Canteen, Tiffins, SciFi, Rose and Crown. Might have used it in the lounge at BWI once, but we were CL so that was easier, and “free”. Went to Jellyrolls one night where they don’t accept it. I had thought we might use it in more lounges, but we really just bought drinks and walked around.

Since you already get an AP discount for most TS, the difference would be only 10% plus 20% off alcoholic drinks.

I’d say pass, not worth the extra effort.

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True —It’s that gap I really need to calculate savings based on.

It can take a while to make up that gap. This is the first year I have had it. But I will get 7 trips with it. Dw and I tend to eat in a lot of signature restaurants. The alcohol is where you really save. You just have to do the math.

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