Is this TP realistic?

Going to be at EP on 5/11. Staying on property and have EMH. Is it possible to do Frozen,. TT, and soaring without a FP+ in the morning and be done by 10am? If so, in what order. If not, by what time should I expect to be done with all 3?

Do not have your answers except fea first. No question.

Have you tried to do a personalised touring plan? I’d guess it’s possible but I’ve not tried it. I’d do one now but it’s too hard on my phone.

I’ve managed it on the app.

This is an optimised plan, I’m surprised FEA is last. I’ll try an evaluated one with that first.

Less waiting in the optimised plan but you can definitely do it all.

Yesterday was 7 out of 10 for crowds and no EMH, by 9:05 the Frozen wait was 60 min (per my friend who went straight there). Hopefully we don’t see as crowded that week!

An actual 60 minute wait or posted? Disney does tend to inflate them.

Yes, I did TP’s the same way for these 3 rides (optimized & evaluated) and as you’ve shown it says I can be done by 10am. It just contradicts everything I’ve read. My plan is being there for RD>FEA>TT>Soaring. So basically make my way to furthest ride (FEA) and working my way back towards the front of the park. This is a morning only TP and I plan to be done by 12-1pm so we can hit some other rides between 10am and noon and cap it off with spaceship Earth as we are exiting after that. We are taking a long break back at SSR in the afternoon and heading back to EP around 5-6pm. With a 7pm ADR @GG and capping it off with a stroll around WS while watching illuminations.

Probably what she saw posted

The actual wait would have been more like 15-20 minutes at that time, unless the ride had broken down. TP times are usually more accurate than Disney.