Is this too much?

So I am working on a TP for !0/31-11/5 with 5 day park hoppers. I have been a dozen or so times, but first time taking my kids and my mother. This is my rough plan. Can someone tell me if it is too much hopping/too much work?
10/31 arrival day (mid morning) swim a hotel then MNSSHP
11/1 Water park in the morning then AK in the evening
11/2 HS for EMH then hop to Epcot for lunch and rest of day
11/3 AK for EMH then free afternoon (whatever people want to do again)
11/4 MK (EMM) then at some point HS for firework
11/5 Epcot after lunch hop to MK

3 girls 3,7,9 mother hasn’t been in 17 years and used to be gogogo, but I don’t know now. I don’t want to overwhelm her, but the only way I can convince my husband to go is knowing that we will not be rushed but will get to do a lot. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks

You know your family. Doesn’t seem to much to me as long as you’re flexible and don’t burn anyone out.

I think it could be done, but for me personally this would feel like I was spending too much time traveling between parks. If I could get from one park to the next in 10 minutes, then it would be a different story, but once I figure that between leaving the first park, travel time, and entering the second it’s going to take an hour minimum, it seems like too much for me. I’d prefer to stay put and enjoy one park to the fullest, at least until the last couple of days of the trip when we’ve already done each park once.

I like your hopping strategies! I would definitely consider BB for the water park for convenience of hopping into AK afterward. Will you plan to go back to your resort for any breaks during the day? Especially with little ones, it could be helpful if you are planning to RD and then stay for evening. Then hopping seems like the way to go as you have you have planned out.

Doable. Especially if you are back at the hotel fairly early in the evenings and can get some rest for the early morning plans.

You can walk to EP and HS (or boat if you need a break) so the hopping is pretty easy between those.

I think this looks reasonable. As someone else said, I don’t prefer to hop. But if hopping is your thing I think you’re doing it well.

I like that on 11/3 you have a free afternoon and evening. Might be a good idea to just enjoy that down time. My crew would be ready for a restful day by then.

On arrival day, are you needing to fly in? If you’re arriving mid morning I am betting your day is starting before the sun. with MNSSHP that evening I would push hard for afternoon naps. And after a late night at the party, you may not want to do the water park in the morning; you may prefer to sleep in and be ready to enjoy the AK evening. My crew can’t do a quick turnaround like that (late night, early morning). When we do late nights we go slow and easy the next day.

But overall I think it looks like a good plan and it sounds like you’re remaining open to changing it up if the mood calls for it.