Is this too much for one day?

For our MK day I have crystal palace for breakfast, lunch at BOG and dinner at LTT. Is this too much?? We are not big eaters, but we are only at MK for one day and I want to try ALL THE THINGS!!! Now I am worried that I am trying to squeeze too much in. Thoughts?

Honestly, it would be too much for me if I wanted to eat full meals. You could always just get a cupcake at BOG if you want to have the experiences though. Or split a couple of meals.

I don’t think it’s too much for one day depending on the timing. If you’ve planned an early breakfast and late dinner, you will probably need to take a break in the middle and BoG is a great place to take a break. If, however, you have a 10:30 breakfast, a 12:30 lunch and a 4:30 dinner, that might be a bit much. :smile:

Thanks!! I currently have a CP reservation at 10:30, but keep checking for an earlier time. I am hoping something opens up around 9-9:30. LTT reservation is not until 7:45. Maybe we can split meals or just order something small at BOG. Mostly going there for the experience.

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When are you going? Being able to get a BoG fast pass will be important. You probably don’t want to wait in line for an hour.

Not til the end of September. I have been following along to see when FPP dates for BOG are released. Definitely going to try to grab one for our group! If we don’t get one, we will probably skip it all together. Since we only have one day at MK it’s just not worth the wait in line for us.

I agree with @ChipinNY, if you really spread it out you would be okay. We usually do breakfast and dinner only as we get quite full at each meal and will have a snack during the day. FPP for BOG would be quite helpful to save time.

Unless you get a pre-rope drop cp, it will probably be too much. Bog has the best cupcakes!!! Go get them to hold you over until LTT, if your ADR times don’t change.

I don’t think LTT is all that great, it gets bad reviews from most sites, and is not an essential for being in the MK to me. Maybe do some CS at night as you are hungry and spend time doing rides and parades?

Depends on whether you usually eat a couple big meals each day. All of the locations will provide lots of food, so eating the late breakfast probably means you’re not going to want a big lunch and big dinner. Those who’ve suggested snacking at Be Our Guest seem to have a good idea.

I don’t think it is too much if your focus is food. But I do agree with @felesh that you will definitely want pre-RD CP.

You won’t get quite as many attractions done with 3 meals but if you are a foodie like me, you might be really happy with doing the 3 meals over doing extra attractions. And it looks like you are going at a slower time of year so the lines won’t be as long anyways.

Is this your first MK trip?

I’ve never done LTT, but I’ve done the others. Isn’t LTT a full Thanksgiving style dinner? This would be too much for my family.

Thanks! I am thinking if I cannot get an earlier Crystal Palace reservation I will just drop it. Not worried so much about lines especially since it’s an evening EMH day. We’re hoping to take a break in the middle of the day and come back to the park later on to advantage of that! And no, definitely not my first MK trip… Just my first trip trying to coordinate with a large group (8 people). :slight_smile:

Yup, it’s Thanksgiving style… And part of the appeal for my family!

I almost always do 2 TS meals a day - but breakfast is typically just a small snack, lunch is “early” and dinner is late - often at a resort after park closing. I’m a pretty big eater, but 3 full TS meals in a 10 or 12 hour window might be more than I would want.

I wouldn’t do CP unless it is preRD- that is going to eat up prime park time! As for the other two I would reverse. LTT is amazing at lunch, you could split entrees vs flat charge, and then end day with a BOG dinner… where again you could split entrees. Keep watching for ADRs! :slight_smile:

Are the characters important to you? Will CP save you time in the long run? I tried for a late BOG FP and the latest I could get was 1:45. You could always just get soup and a cupcake but you could also switch out your CP for shared Nutella waffles at Sleepy Hollow.

One issue is that your last meal is a fixed price AYCE. So if you’re not that hungry, you’re out a big chunk of change. Too bad you can’t switch the order of LTT and bog. You could just get a glass of wine and soup or a dessert if that was all you wanted.

Thanks all! Lots to think about! I will continue to look for better ADRs (maybe even that coveted BOG dinner in place of LTT!), but I think we will probably end up dropping CP in favor of a small breakfast. Thankfully, I still have lots of time to move things around. As usual, you are all so helpful!